9 Essentials for Building Deep and Lasting Friendships

Communication is a doorway to our emotions and inevitably exposes our vulnerability, hence I realize how this might be difficult for some people but if you really wanna learn how this friendship thing works, you need to do better at this.

4 Effective DIYs to get Rid of Allergies on Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin

About a month ago, I tried out a new beauty bar I saw in the supermarket and it led to a serious skin allergy after two days of usage. I had excessive breakouts, inflammation and generalized itching. I’ve experienced lots of skin allergies (contact dermatitis) in the past but this one tops the list. The…

My Experience in NYSC Jos Camp + Tips for Prospective Corp Members

I count getting to camp late as a blessing because I didn’t have my luggage scrutinized like they did those that got to camp in time. Thus, I got away with getting some things into the hostel (no sharp objects of course because I wasn’t planning on assassinating anyone in camp *Ha