Internship at last.

God did it

Hi Guys. It’s been a while. Whataguan? *In Jamacian accent* I should have published this blog post weeks ago but couldn’t, due to my laziness… Just kidding. I’ve been swamped with a lot of things amidst travelling back and forth.  I’m so excited about this post because I’ve been trying to get myself to finish it up for some weeks and I finally did (somebody kill a cow). The last time you heard from me, I had just been inducted into the Physiotherapy profession and was waiting on my internship placement. Now I have good news for you, especially those who have shown concern (though I wasn’t really bothered as I was enjoying the compulsory “vacation”. In spite of that, I appreciate y’all a great deal. Muah! ). I got placement in a Federal Medical Centre in Owo, Ondo State. Did someone say “Where the hell is that”? It’s some town in Ondo that’s about 45minutes from Akure-the capital. Owo is about 5-6hours from Lagos and 4 hours from Ibadan-the largest city in West Africa.

I resumed work 8 weeks ago and it’s been going alright. I’ve adjusted okay, I guess… *laughs*. I was down with flu and malaria a few times but I’m much better now, thank you very much for asking (Heh Heh).

Anything to tell? Well, the first time Tetisimi (my only friend here who’s a Pharmacist graduate from the University of Ibadan as well and is also doing her internship here) and I ate in the cafeteria, we both purged. Even though I find it funny right now, it wasn’t funny then. So we never went to eat there ever again. Consequently, we have been compelled to cook all our meals.

What else? What else? *scratches head* Oh! We had to do medicals as new recruits and one of the required tests was the stool test where we had to submit stool samples- something I’ve never done before- and it was EWWW-D I S G U S T I N G ! ! !

The last thing worth telling is the weird rule they have in this town which is that all females should cover their hair when going to the market or risk getting kidnapped or beaten. According to the residents, the rule was made by the Oba-who is the leader of this town. So Teti and I have had to cover our hair each time we go to the market. One time, I almost forgot to take a face cap along, I had to rush back and snatch it from its place in panic. Imagine the beating I would have gotten that day? Ha Ha.

That’s about it for now. I have a few interesting posts coming soon *winks*. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, why don’t you hit the subscribe button. You could be helping a pig fly, and of course it comes with a free gift (instant notifications at every new post *wink wink*).

Take care Guys and have great week. Kisses.



Induction and things…

Hi Guys… So I bring good tidings. *drum roll* It’s official, I’m a Physiotherapist. *smiling* I was inducted into the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria about a month ago. It was a beautiful ceremony and the highlight of it was when I was swearing the “Oath of Physiotherapy Practice”. That was when it hit me, I realized I’m in this “for better or worse, in sickness and in health”*lol* In the few minutes the oath was being sworn by all of us inductees, it dawned on me that I was making a vital commitment, for myself, to the profession and for every patient I’m going to manage for the rest of my career. Deep som’in innit ?.

Anyways, I’ll have to do internship for 12months after which I’ll go serve my country for another 12months (God help me). Basically I’m in a phase where I can’t tell where I’ll be working or residing next week or next month. As if that’s not enough, I’m also clueless as to when my internship placement will be announced. Yeah, I already applied to a few places and I’ve taken exams yeah, so now is the waiting phase. I know how dreadful most people find “the waiting phase” but honestly I’m not so bothered because I know God has everything planned out and I trust that it will all fall in place in due time.

So, my graduating set’s yearbook got published a short while after the induction ceremony and while flipping through the pages I thought to myself “Why not share the articles you wrote on your blog?”, so here I am. I volunteered to write two articles for the yearbook so I’m gonna share them, strictly because they are good reads. Of course they are *winks* Enjoy!

One of those days…

Everyone removes their ward coat and quickly takes their allocated seats as Funmi (“class rape” Like Prof Hamzat would say) is sighted from the window walking towards the department, carrying Prof Sanya’s books. I look in the direction of Jonathan’s feet and he still isn’t wearing a pair of socks again, even with the jabs Prof Sanya threw at him in the last class, calling him “Oritamefa boy”. Earlier, I asked Ajani if he read up on the things she gave us last class and he said “ Wo! I did not read anything”. I watch in silence as Temi turns off the ac and exchanges a knowing look with Ayomikun. Within seconds, Samuel shouts “Ta lo pa ac?”. The guy must have some temperature sensor in his body, I think. The whole class bursts into laughter as only Samuel would want both the ac and fans on at the same time. Opemipo hails Timi-who has already taken his place on the first seat in class, in front of Prof Sanya’s-because he always gets hit by the first question and has little or no time to think or codely check online. I must admit, I respect him for that. I’m almost certain my brain will decide to do a “mannequin challenge” If I were in his shoes. Somehow, he always answers her questions and she usually seems pleased. Chinanza walks in and starts causing commotion in front of the class, looking for a seat to place in front of Titi as Prof Sanya enters the class and everyone greets her. Rofiyat quickly takes her seat in the front row as Dara returns Opeyemi’s book, I’m guessing she was taking a look at the read-ups we were given. Salam and Pelumi remove their earphones while Ayomikun nudges Tiwa─who has her ears plugged probably through people’s stories on Snapchat─to alert her about Prof Sanya’s entrance.

“Where is Summaiya?” she asks. I barely heard what Funmi’s reply was in a bid to put my phone on silent. “Ayanfe! Did you do what I told you to do?” Prof Sanya asks Ayanfe. He stands up and answers “No ma, I wasn’t able to see the man”.  It was discovered that Ayanfe has multiple allergies in one of the classes on dermatitis and he was instructed to go find out the specific things he is allergic to. As Prof starts the class with the first question directly to Timi as usual, who begins his answer with “Uhmm”…

Mid way through the class, I notice Yomi and Samuel look back and stifle their laughter. I turn to find out what is funny and hear Prof Sanya say “Wake that boy up! Why is he sleeping in my class?” Demola had dozed off again. The class roars with laughter as Ayanfe wakes him up. Soon after, I see Femi codedly dozing, with his hands serving as a shield, making it difficult for him to be caught, “Smart guy” I think to myself. At this point, Alex has the mic and he is moving some stuff on the physiotherapy management of buruli ulcers.

I sigh as I check the time and realize it is 6:12pm. This class was supposed to have ended by 4:00pm but here we are. I try to ignore the rumbling in my tummy and pay attention to the ongoing lecture. Looking around the class, I can tell I’m not the only one struggling to focus; I mean for Jude to yawn…

Ten minutes later, the class finally comes to end and Prof Sanya asks If anyone has any question. I’m almost certain everyone just wants to go back to the ABH and eat but no, Ileri just had to raise his hand and ask a question which got everyone upset. Chinaza looks at Ileri like he’d love to beat him up and I hear mumblings from directions.

Basically, the objective of the above article was to mention every one of my class mates. it was quite tasking but I was obviously able to accomplish it.

Diary of a Physiotherapy Student

Imagine how excited we all must have been at making the 2011/2012 admission list for The University of Ibadan; the Premier University, but ASUU decided to kill our shine by going on a warning strike of some sort. Eventually, we resumed February 2012 instead of November/December 2011 and the whole registration process that has been designed to stress students to their very last cell begun. I remember how Tiwa and I would skip the scarily long queues in front of Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Zoo Lab and complete our registrations before those who had been waiting since 6:00am by utilizing our “Female power” which she was and still is so skilful at and taught me some (my sincere apologies to anyone we must have pissed off back then)…

January 2016, we all went to Lagos for outside posting. I remember how annoying it was that we had to waIt for some days before resuming at CDC and how scared some of us were when we began our posting there, to the fun we had at the National Stadium, Surulere: the fees latecomers had to pay and how in spite of the fact that I was in charge of collecting the fees, I was found guilty as well on several occasions. Lest you ask, the money was used for an end-of-posting party, that’s all I can tell you…

Fast forward to December 15th,2016, 9:00am, Prof. T.K Hamzat in his usual kindness, got them to open the fully air-conditioned gym for us all to wait there, knowing that a lot of us would have our sweat glands on an overdrive while waiting our turn to go into the “scary classroom” for defence of our dissertations. Although the previous day, Opemipo and I were lucky enough to see what the defence-setting would be like─ the candidate’s seat was in the centre of the classroom with seats for 6 lecturers on either sides, and seats for the HOD and external examiner in front─and we did not hesitate to send a picture of it to the WhatsApp’s class group page so everyone has an idea of what we were in for.

After being addressed by the HOD, what was on the minds of most of us was the sequence in which we were going be called in. Every time the door to the gym was opened, every one of us froze with our eyes on the door, wondering who is going to be called first. Honestly my heart skipped a couple of beats every time that door was opened. Out of the blue, Prof T.K Hamzat entered, called “Adeniran Jonathan” and left with him. Invisible tension-filled clouds hovered in the gym, I lost count of how many times I went to meet Dara for a hug. At some point, she got tired of me (omolomo was probably trying to settle her own nerves as well). One time, Prof T.K Hamzat came in and called Tiwa’s name, omg! Tiwa almost had a TIA *lmao* (Tiwa forgive me, but I’m so laughing at you as I write this). Anyway, fortunately for her, it was for something else. At some point Salam was on the bicycle ergometer, and thinking about it in this moment, I’m not understanding how that helped with his nerves. I guess everyone devised a means to remain calm. Opemipo and I even went some place quiet to rehearse for the umpteenth time the “summary of our research work”. It was a crazy day!!! Jonathan was done in less than 10 minutes and what he had to say was, “It wasn’t difficult. Just calm down”. That really did help a lot though.

Eight hours later, we were taking pictures with our lecturers. I have to say, it was so much fun. Our HOD even dabbed. Yes! You heard me right. Prof T.K Hamzat dabbed, on some fresh level. (“Nice Dab” *In Ajani’s voice* He he). A day that started out filled with some much anxiety ended up being a beautiful day, all thanks to God and our amazing lecturers who tried their best to calm us all during our defence.

We started out as strangers about 5 years ago, from different states, different backgrounds and all. Over the years, we have all grown; both as individuals and as a class. From being segregated back in 100L, we learnt to accommodate one another, we learnt from one another, covered up for one another, annoyed one another, worked together, helped one another, argued, shared jokes, settled conflicts,  and came out stronger. In spite of our differences, we spent the last few years being a lot more than a family than just classmates. WE MADE IT GUYS!!! Congratulations to every member of the B.Physiotherapy 2015/2016 set. I wish you all the very best or better still I’d like to quote Samuel and Ajani, 2016 by saying “All the best bruh, in your chosen career”…

In this article, I was just describing a typical day in class, that’s all.

Here are some pictures from my induction ceremony and dinner.


Wonder who got me laughing like this…


So these lovely friends of mine came from their various classes to my induction ceremony (Dumebi, Success, Me and Ogonna)


Temi Gee & Temi J.


Oh, what was going on here again *thinking*


Oh yeah, I got two cakes from two amazing people who understand my undying love for cakes. *kisses to you guys*


All Photo Credit: August55Media ( IG: @august55media |

“The Treat”

cbe73065-99b0-4a1e-aefe-4ca7caa00b33Photo CreditGiacomo Brunelli via

It is barely dawn on Saturday as I trudge the two mile dirt road from my apartment to the kennels. The clouds are still hiding the early rays of sunlight and my warm breath fogs my glasses in the chilly air. A grey cat dashes across the road in search of its prey and I feel a strange sense of foreboding; I chuckle softly─ “Don’t be silly, you have walked this road a thousand times”.

As I reach the gate barring the kennels, I forcefully lift up the damaged gate and an eerie silence greets me as I step into the yard. Once again I feel goose bumps as I empty the contents of my sack on a wooden table. Armed with a pack of vials, syringes and dog treats, I release the lock on the first cage and step inside to meet a strange sight; all four dogs slowly pacing the length of the cage with bloodshot eyes and stringy saliva dripping from their jaws. Terror grips me and I whirl around as I hear the familiar click of the cage’s lock. As if on cue, the dogs begin to growl and they charge as one knocks me face down to the ground. My glasses flies off my face and I hear the vials shatter against the concrete.

As my vision blurs, I feel a searing pain as the dogs tear furiously at my clothes and bite into my flesh. Summoning every ounce of strength, I rise to my feet and race for the door. A wave of nausea washes over me and I crash to the floor in a bloody heap, unable to stand. The dogs are on me in an instant, wildly ripping muscles and tendons apart as I slowly fade into oblivion…

Guest Post by Lines of Queer (Follow on Instagram: @linesofqueer)

Clean Slates and What Not

That was pretty quick, I’d say… Of course I’m referring to how fast 2016 went by.

Hi Guys!!! *grinning* I’m not trying to drop a previously used line or anything, but It’s been a while. He He.

I really am just here to do some productive rambling If you must know, and I believe it’ll be worth your time. As always. *winks*

Anyone did a 2016-evaluation? Well, not that I really allotted some time for it either but subconsciously, over the last few days, I have been doing some annual review in preparation for drawing up my 2017 schedule. So what was the outcome of yours? Great year? Or not? Just one of those years? Or was it some limbo phase for you?

Let’s see *scratches scalp*… Honestly, 2016 was one of the most stressful years I’ve had, in every form; psychologically, physically, mentally, emotionally and shii. Yet, it was also a great and exciting year for me mahn, which ended with me submitting my dissertation. Whoop! Whoop!! *tap dancing*. In spite of all the downs, the losses, the terrible mistakes I made and the turn which certain events took, I choose to be thankful for both the good and bad, for without the bad, we wouldn’t really value the good, or would we now?

Darling, however the previous year might have played out for you (mostly awesome, good or just there), I’m not here to give you some speech on how you’ll get a “brand new refresh button” just because it is the start of a new year because to be honest, that doesn’t guarantee an automatic reset or a clean slate. But what it does provide is the platform to appreciate the past year, re-assess all the choices and mistakes you’ve made, re-evaluate events, friendships, relationships, business decisions and learn from whatever bad calls you might have made in the last 12months. If possible, strategize on how to make up for your mistakes. So gather some momentum, fill up your nitro tank and re-energize as you forge ahead into the year. Tell yourself “It’s gonna be a great year for me” and mean it. Be optimistic no matter what. Believe in yourself and trust that you have been equipped with whatever you need to achieve the goals you have set. Cut loose anything that brings you more pain than happiness. “Live, Love, Laugh !!!”

Rambling’s over. *lol* Oh! Before I get outta your face, I’d be publishing articles from some amazing writers this year, in addition to devoting more time to bombarding you with my very dry jokes *he he* which you’ve all grown to love *blows kisses* or hate *still blows kisses*. Did you notice how I tried extra hard not to drop any of them jokes and almost choked on a couple? That’s my gift to you; I’m sparing you this one time.

Wish y’all a wonderful year. Ok! Ok!! Bye… See you soon Guys.


Now What?!!!

As the cold morning breeze hit my face, I began walking at a brisk pace. I knew I had to be out of this village before the first cock crows and mothers begin their routine for the day. The ancient clock that rests against the wall in Chief’s living room read 5:03am when I snuck out of the house about ten minutes ago.

I start reminiscing on the events of the last few months; Papa and Mama sending me here to continue my education, and the numerous times I try to commit suicide whenever Chief travels. “Stop right there young lady!!!”, a raucous voice jolted me out of my thoughts. “I must be dreaming” I mumble, as I saw two eerie looking men, each with a white cloth wrapped around his waist and funny looking inscription on their chests. I stood transfixed trying to process what was in front of me… “Are those calabashes in their hands?”, I ask myself.

With my heart in my throat, I flee as fast as my bow legs could carry me. Panting hard, I come to a halt in front of a mango tree to catch my breath and echoing in my head were Chief’s threats, “If you don’t lay still I’ll beat you to death”, “Scream and you’ll know what it’s like to live in hell” he said, every time he viciously thrust into me, without letting his eight-month-pregnancy beer belly get in the way. Dare I make a sound and I’ll be guaranteed a cut or two on my face. Five long months of anguish; a revolting experience.

As the main road came into view I breathed a sigh of relief, then froze in my tracks as I realized…I have no place to go…

Soul Mate


It’s early October and today, I woke up to the best morning I’ve had all year. Yes, I did say ‘the best’.

It’s mid-day as I type this and there are a lot of things lined up for me to do but I just had to escape from them to put this down quickly because I’m still basking in its euphoria. I feel like a girl who has just been proposed to… (Not like I’m anticipating that anytime soon).

I woke up around 7:00am, quite ecstatic that it’s a Friday and mentally going through my schedule for the day and the weekend. After saying my prayers, I reached for my phone and I saw two new messages; one from my service provider (Most of you know how MTN Ng and her counterparts can send messages for Africa). I ignored the first and opened the one from “Lover”.  It read “Left you something on Whatsapp. Going to bed now. Night. Mmmuuuuaaaahhh” and was sent at 5:35am. Immediately, I unlocked my other phone and checked Whatsapp hoping nothing was amiss considering we chatted before I went to bed. I opened “Lover’s” Whatsapp chat and I was like “WAWU!!” I actually said that out loud. Staring right back at me was a super lengthy message that had been awaiting my presence (Poor thing must have been standing there for close to 2hours). Most people don’t like reading lengthy messages, but I ain’t got no problem with it because I’ve been found guilty of sending them multiple times (No hypocrisy allowed, you get?).

So with a mesh of excitement and wonderment, I began to unwrap the message and already, I felt a smile taking a seat on my face. By the time I reached the 3rd paragraph yeah? I thought to myself, “I have to post this today, it is too beautiful and heart-melting to be seen and appreciated by just me. But then how do I convince “Lover” to be cool with me doing that ”. I kept reading and at some point I started blushing so frigging much, soon after, I had to drop my phone on the bed and let out an infectious-yet-eyebrow-raising-cause-for-concern kinda laughter, then after laughing to my satisfaction (whilst ignoring the look my roommate had on her face), I continued reading. Tbh (To be honest), It’s been a whileeeeeee I last got hit like this with so many different kinds of emotion; feel-good emotions I must add. By the time I got to the end, I was molten (especially my heart…….) and astounded as it happens that “Lover” is so not a fan of cheese (*lmao* I mean is not a mushy person and doesn’t care for cheesy stuff).

The feeling of warmth; of having somebody tell you all “these things” and know without a doubt the person is being genuine, the feeling of knowing that how you feel about someone is being reciprocated almost exactly, the conviction that having someone who truly knows you, loves you and constantly appreciates you in all of your entirety is worth so much more than having loads of “friends” was refreshing and the assurance that at least one human has got your back (thorax, head&neck, abdomen, pelvis&perineum *winks*)  was……… MIND-BOGGLING!!!  (How dare I drop by and not indulge you in one of my dry jokes *shrugs*). You’re probably thinking I’m tryna be melodramatic but I ain’t. Without much ado, the message read thus:

Dear Tehmy,


I originally wanted to write you a message detailing why you’re my best friend and saturate it with all the generic reasons and adorable anecdotes, but I’m not going to do that because you already know why you’re my best friend, duh. If you didn’t, we probably wouldn’t have remained friends all these years. Nine years? Ten? More? Damnnn…

I have no concept of time whatsoever when it comes to you. If it were up to me no one’s birthday or graduation or other important event would be remembered, because that’s the type of person I am; I’m a mess, I don’t remember people’s names, not to talk of their birthdays. But you remember things like this, and you know exactly how long we’ve been best friends. That will be the first thing you tell me after you read this. Thank you for knowing that. Thank you for knowing all the things I don’t.

Thank you for always being closest to me even when we’re in separate time zones and separate stages of life. Thank you for not letting us get split by dumb facts like distance or time. Thank you for never giving up on our friendship, for never shrugging and being like “Eh, things change, people change” and drifting away vaguely because we’re victims of circumstance. We all get distant to a certain degree when we make huge transitions but you didn’t let me get very far because you knew what was truly important.

Thank you for taking care of me in every way possible, for being there when no one else was or wanted to be and when you didn’t even have to be. Everyone has those friends who are close but not really; who you always feel kind of awkward and weird about asking for help and like you have to clarify you’ll do them some kind of favor in return, but you’re not one of those. You never gave up on me…You were and are there for everything, no bargaining or explanations needed.

Thank you for being a different friend than everyone else, different from the friends who are only there for the fun things, art museums, shopping and benders and brunch. I’ve never been to an art museum with you because I’m sure we would end up arguing over which art was shittier than the other, but I still feel like I can do anything with you and it won’t suck. Thank you for always being fun even when we’re not having fun. I don’t know how else to explain that.

Thank you for believing in me when I was too weak and exhausted to believe in myself. Thank you for pushing me, for repeating those affirmations that don’t mean anything in inspirational films but mean everything when someone who cares about you says them. Thank you for not judging me when I did something really stupid, but also thanks for telling me I was an idiot and probably shouldn’t have done the stupid thing. Thank you for always being honest.

Thank you for doing all the things a real best friend does; for letting me sob into your virtual shoulder when I need. Thank you for always knowing who I am and reminding me of that when I forget. Thank you for being genuinely concerned with the outcome of my life and always listening, even when you’re tired. Thank you for telling me the things no one wants to hear and sparing the bullshit advice. I can’t think of many other people I’d actually take a bullet for. But seriously, don’t go pissing off snipers or anything now ok?

I love you babes. End of cheeeeese! ”


Oh, I started singing the chorus for Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” by the time I finished the last sentence.

There you have it……. Beautiful isn’t it? I know! *grinning* Yet she’s always claimed she ain’t good at putting words together like I do (*Rolling my eyes*). The next time she utters such, remind me to smack her right on the mouth or better still piss off some renowed sniper (He He).

The dictionary meaning of a soul mate is “a person with whom one has strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond” (Romantic what? Please scratch out the last part quickly, thank you very much). I am of the opinion that we get to have two absolute soul mates; one from the opposite sex and one from the same sex. A relationship with your soul mate is one that is devoid of judgements, negativity, lies, secrets, envy, impatience, fear, mind games and so on. A soul mate adds a whole lot of meaning and spice to your life and helps you up lest you fall, in every humanly way possible. One who always seeks the best for you and fights for two when you are about giving up. A soul mate motivates you when your energy is down and helps you figure things out when your judgement is hazy. Ramdhat is that person for me, not only because of all that but also because….

  • 80% of the time, I know what her response to anything I say is gonna be before she even utters a word.
  • I know when her “No” means “Yes” and when she really means “No”.
  • She can correctly guess whatever mischief I’ve designed and implemented soon as I say “So, I did something today”.
  • We have the same taste in chocolates and basically all kinds of junk food (And how we’d both pick junk food over real food any day).
  • How our endearments are words like “Ode, Mumulicious, Unicorn, Goat, and my fav is Foo which we derived from Fool, I can’t remember exactly what the banter was about but it ended with one of us saying the other person doesn’t even deserve “a completely spelt Fool” so it became Foo, Fo or F. (He He).
  • How I use up a lot of data because of the “harmless gossiping and stalking” we do together on Instagram daily and the at-least-3-hours video calls on Skype. That’s our “hanging out, going to see a movie together, going for a concert together, going to compliment on how shitty the pieces in an art exhibit look………………”
  • We have similar taste in music, gadgets, movies………………………blah blah blah.

It’s crazy! Only this morning she sent me a picture indicating that she stares, makes comments and admires hot looking ladies and their “accessories” and I was like “Babes, I do that too” and we both went “Oh forgot, Soul mates” (I rolled my eyes, shook my head and smiled).

The other day I asked her “How do we do it? Chat through most part of the day and still never run out of what to talk about or have anything other than fun?” And she replied “Maybe we should employ the services of a scientist to solve the mystery”. *straight face coz I had no comment*(*Lmao* Tbh, It was hilarious and I still can’t get over her response….. ).

Can you tell I’m the cheesy one? (*covers face* I luuurrrrv cheese, Infact I’m a manufacturer of cheese).

I’m gonna stop right here strictly because Ramdhat is hyperventilating at this point and throwing every cuss word at me because she’s anti-cheese and here I am splattering cheese all over her. It wasn’t my intention initially but I couldn’t help myself. What can I say? You bring out the cheese in me………………………….


World Physiotherapy Day!



I woke up 7.30am knowing I’m gonna be late for clinic although that wasn’t the plan I had when I went to bed unusually early last night. I rushed in and out of the bathroom, and was standing in front of my wardrobe tryna decide which of my outfits will be the lucky one while they were screaming “Pick me, Pick me”. There and then, my roomie asked if there were gonna be patients booked for treatment at the Physiotherapy out-patient clinic since today is WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY (Oh yeah, i actually lost track of today’s date). The sudden and intense feeling of joy made me quiver at the realization that today might just be a ‘no-school day’ (*covers face* Everyone needs a breather every now and then nau). So after making a few calls to confirm what I’d like to call good news though the better part of it is that this day; 8th of September, Physiotherapy and Physical Therapists all over the world are being celebrated. Do you guys know what Physiotherapy really is about or are you one of those who thinks ‘bones and/or massage’? May I enlighten you?

Physiotherapy is an amazing profession and I’m not saying this because it’s my soon-to-be profession but strictly because it is! Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that is concerned with the development, prevention, maintenance and rehabilitation of optimal physical function. This is to say that you don’t necessarily have to be suffering from a ‘medical condition’ to require the services of a Physical Therapist and I have to emphasize that Physiotherapy isn’t just about “bones” (which is the mentality of the average Nigerian). Physiotherapy can be divided into the following specialities:

  1. Neurosurgery and Neuromedicine
  2. Cardiopulmonary and Burns
  3. Paediatrics
  4. Orthopaedics and Trauma
  5. Geriatrics
  6. Women’s health
  7. Sports
  8. Ergonomics

As the specialities infer, every age group requires the services of a Physiotherapist, from the pregnant woman to the child with Cerebral palsy or the one with Erb’s palsy, the sportsman who has a sprain, the young adult who has post immobilization stiffness after having a POP cast taken out or the one who wants to build muscles (the 6-packs thingy *winks*), to the middle aged who just suffered a stroke or the obese one who is tryna lose weight and finally to the aged with Parkinson’s disease. These doesn’t even cover the depths of what Physiotherapy entails but at least it gives you a pretty clear picture. The diversity of Physiotherapy is such that it has diffused into Aquatics as well as Veterinary. The importance of Physiotherapy cannot be overrated and the fact that not too many people are aware puts them on the ‘losing side’ (Pardon my French).

Physiotherapy uses various modalities in the course of managing a client and the specificity of the client’s presenting symptoms or the condition itself determines the type and combination of modalities to be used. There are 3 basic classifications of modalities and some of the modalities include:

  1. Electrotherapy (involves the use of Ultraviolet Radiation, Ultrasound, Infrared, Laser Therapy, Microwave diathermy e.t.c).

a. Cryotherapy (involves the use of ice to alleviate symptoms such as acute pain, muscle spasm, inflammation e.t.c).

b.Thermotherapy (involves the use of heat to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, to induce relaxation of tight structures e.t.c).

c. Electrical Stimulation (involves the use of various alternating and direct currents such as TENS, Galvanic, Russian and  Faradic to alleviate pain, stimulate nerves, strengthen muscles e.t.c).

2. Manual Therapy (involves the use of different types of massage techniques to induce relaxation, increase blood circulation, loosen adhesion, relieve pain e.t.c).

To whom it may concern: Certain conditions are indications for massage, this is similar to how headache is an indication for taking Paracetamol (That’s relatable innit?). The massage techniques incorporated in Physiotherapy is aimed at achieving a therapeutic goal and this is what distinguishes Physical Therapists from Masseuses.

  1. Exercise Therapy (involves the use of planned, structured and purposive physical activity aimed at achieving a therapeutic goal).
  2. Hydrotherapy (involves the use of water in managing conditions that present with muscle weakness, spasticity, reduced motion at joints e.t.c).

You’re probably wondering how water is used in managing a condition yeah? Certain properties of water like buoyancy, turbulence, upthrust as well as gravity makes it easier to carry out certain movements in water that are otherwise impossible or difficult to carry out on land especially in patients with muscle weakness. Exercises done in water also helps to improve strength, mobility and overall quality of life in addition to it being fun and relaxing.


I really hope all this piques your interest enough to find out more about Physiotherapy and its relevance to you and people close to you. Don’t wait until something goes wrong, “maintenance” remember?




I wish all Physiotherapists everywhere a “HAPPY WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY”. In all said, Physiotherapy is a realm that is inexhaustible, you can look up all you want on it today but with every rising sun, you’ll find something new owing to its ever-evolving state. I really hope you have gained a thing or two. Be good. 🙂




Look what the cat dragged in

*strolls in wearing my brightest Yves Saint Laurent smile*

HUUUUULLO GUYS!!! Feels like yesterday since I last posted on here. (Holdup, I’m just kidding okay?). I know! I know!! It’s been ages……… Things have been crazy with me, final year is no joke mahn. I’ve been working on my project which happens to be a research study on cerebral palsy.

So of course project work hasn’t been the only thing on my tray, I started taking swimming classes few months ago which have been going great by the way and been so much fun, and I also wrote my first semester exams weeks ago amongst others things. Oh!! And guess what???  I recently resumed my LAST semester as an undergraduate in the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Whoop! Whoop!! *borrowing Ginny’s exclamation* I ain tryna make excuses, truth be told I could have, should have dropped by every now and then just for you guys but I’m gonna try harder henceforth, I’m gonna really try *serious face*

Enough about me, what’s been up now? Anyone watched the Olympics? (See me asking like did… *covers face*. So what’s new? Anyone got engaged recently? (I gotta digress, is it just me or is the rock on Stephanie Coker’s engagement ring gorgeously ginormous? Whatchu think?). So new boo, new hobby? Do share.

Hmmmm…..*Bulb in my head lights up* An idea just struck me,  wanna hear? *offers you a seat and popcorn* Wouldn’t it be great if you guys send me mails about something bothering you or something that’s been a topic of argument/discussion amongst your friends and all, or something you’ve been wondering about or anything at all that you might wanna know what people’s opinions are…… and I’d try my best to come up with something and post an article on it? Whatchu think? NAY OR YES?

I’d leave you to ruminate on that while I ………………. (Oh shit! I ain gat no dramatic departure planned,uhmm…. Fine!) *runs out like a hungry lion is after her*



Valentine’s Day is Overrated

Screenshot_2016-01-08-03-01-03~2Valentine’s day is more than cards, candy hearts and gifts but I’ll spare you the interesting details of how Valentine’s day came about and move on………………

Yeah Yeah!! So the perception is that it is a day to show love to one another blah blah blah………… *rolling my eyes* WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS WHILE? SHOWING HATRED? NOT CARING?! Majority of folks act like Valentine’s day is an alarm clock screaming “WAKEUP!!!” unfortunately they fall right back into their miserable slumber once the day is over.

I find it unreal and exasperating; a day when hypocrisy and fakery of the highest order is being practised. Have you seen the thought and effort people put in a couple of days or even weeks before the 14th of February (Either just to be a part of the whole thingy or to actually surprise their partner for reals, whichever it is)? It is commonly seen in newlyweds and new couples and of course couples that have been together for a while catch the flu as well (All of which would have been perfect if the flu persists throughout the year and always). Forgive my deviation, I’m back on track……………Right after Val’s day is over, they all go back to their regular attitude (of not paying enough attention to their spouse, being lackadaisical, not being thoughtful, never giving random gifts or trying hard enough to please their partners and keep them happy). Now that is what sucks my friend. Hullllooooooooooooooooo!!!! Were you hypnotised or “jazzed” prior to the 14th? Wait!! Don’t tell me, I know; “That was not your real self” right? *winks* Told you I knew it.

Why do you have to wait for some cliché day to show your partner how much they mean to you? Shouldn’t you try to do everything within your capacity to ensure you continually please & keep each other happy all the days of your lives together? (Though I’d like to point out that in most cases men are mostly guilty of negligence; evidently speaking.) HUH??? Did someone just say “Because if I do that every day she/he will start taking me for granted? Then you shouldn’t be with that person you SillyHead!!! Don’t tell me to calm down alright?! (*Lmao* Okay! I’m calm, I’m good. It’s never that deep nau).

Hey you reading this, yeah YOU! If you fall into this category I gotta tell you there is no easier way to put it, the fact is that you’ve not been such a great partner (and that’s me saying it in the nicest possible way, but don’t go feeling bad coz fortunately you can still fix it). Everything might seem okay at the moment, but Sugarplum with no attitude adjustment, it’s only a matter of time before your negligence starts sinking your relationship and it just might be too late then. So make a change right now. You probably have invested a lot of time, money and effort to plan a lovely surprise for your partner specially for this day but you shouldn’t stop at that. Let today be the beginning of a new you, henceforth let your ‘real self’ be known to your partner and them alone if necessary. You may not necessarily put in as much money or planning as you did today (so special occasions will stand out) but you shouldn’t stop being this much thoughtful, caring and doing your best to please her/him; make them anticipate spending each day with you like every other day is Valentine’s day. I know it’s not gonna be easy especially for married couples but nothing beautiful comes easy. I recently came across an interview on the history of St Valentine with an Irish priest; Father O’Gara and he said “If Valentine were here today, he would say to married couples that there comes a time where you’re going to have to suffer. It’s not going to be easy to maintain your commitment and your vows in marriage. Don’t be surprised if the “gushing” love that you have for someone changes to something less “gushing” but maybe much mature. And the question is, is that young person ready for that?”

So………………… Are you ready for what it takes to truly love someone? Are you ready to do everything in your capacity to nurture a relationship? Every type of relationship requires effort, care, paying attention to the little things as well as you would the big ones and need I remind you that a relationship isn’t like a job where you can have a sick-off, take a leave of absent or go on annual leave?…….. If you want in then it’s gotta be a 100% and some more. So tell me again what you said your excuse was for waiting until Val’s day to show so much love, care and put in your best?…… Drop all the excuses, let go of the fear of being taken for granted, open your heart completely and get ready to experience lots of amazing positive changes in your relationship.  You put your partner at the top of your priorities today (which is an amazing thing to do), now do yourself a favour and leave her/him right there and hopefully it will work out for the best.

I hope you’ll have a beautiful day with that special person creating beautiful memories. Least I forget, I got something for the guys (Believe it or not, the success and happiness of every relationship starts from the man, so you could call this my Val’s gift to you *grins*) “Always treat her the way you did when your Love began and fear not because there will never be an End”. And I can assure you that you’ll be ecstatic you did because “For every action and investment a man puts into a woman, he gets back in multiple folds” (If you never knew that, now you do. Use this info wisely).

Hey, don’t forget to do something nice for that old man, poor orphan or whoever you run into.

HAVE A LOVELY VALENTINE’S DAY GUYSScreenshot_2015-12-29-04-03-01~2.png

The Valentine’s Gift Guide

images (8)Hullo Guys!!! I know it can’t get any more obvious than this but my dramatic mode is on a high right now so permit me to say this officially *clears throat, picks the microphone and talks in my OAP voice* “The internationally and very much anticipated February 14 is a few blocks away”. I know! I know!! Thank you for verbally acknowledging that I got a voice even sexier than those air hostesses I made reference to about a while ago. Without much ado, let’s get to business because that’s all you’re here for at the moment.

WELCOME TO MY BLOG IF YOU’RE A FIRST TIMER!!! (A glass of Champagne? Please have some). FOR YOU TO BE HERE, YOU MUST HAVE A SPOUSE, FIANCEE, FIANCE, A NEW BOO OR A LONG-TERM BOO, POTENTIAL BOO OR SOMEONE WHOSE ATTENTION YOU’RE TRYING TO GET AND NEED IDEAS ON HOW TO BLOW THEIR MINDS AWAY THIS VALENTINE SEASON. Okay Fine! I hear your thoughts screaming at me “Get to it already!!!”, right? I’m no Gentleman but we’ll do the Ladies first.

There are a lot of angles to cover but I’ll try my best to help each one of you figure something out and wow her/him. I’m assuming y’all know this person a bit if not very well but if you don’t or even if you do, it’s best you seek the guidance of someone closest to her/him; friend? sister? brother? (either directly or otherwise) after we figure out what you’ll go for. Pay attention and get ready to have yourself floating in options at the end of this.




  • A personally selected card. You think she might not read or appreciate it but do not underestimate the magic of a beautiful card. I advise you include handwritten words in addition to the card’s message.
  • A bouquet

WARNING!!! TRY TO AVOID GIVING ONLY A CARD. It’s like an appetiser in a 3-course meal. Kapish? Good.


There are a variety of things you can get for a lady, they include:

  • Bags: It’s best you go for designers; Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, Salvatore Ferragamo and others or her favourite designer (Ensure you’re not sold a fake because we don’t want a repeat of the I.K Ogbonna incident).
  • Shoes: There ain’t no lady who don’t love a pair of hot heels. There are also lovely designer sneakers she’ll love or you could get both (your budget and her preference will dictate).
  • Wristwatches: Whichever designer you go for will depend on your budget and her taste (If you have even the slightest doubt, this is where you’ll need her closest friend or sister). Some ladies prefer and wear only masculine watches so you need to do your homework well.
  • Jewelleries: A pair of real pearl earrings with or without a matching necklace (that’s if she ain got one already) will blow her mind or any earring at all you know she’d love. A bracelet is another option (you can get and even customise them with something romantic, I know for sure PANDORA does that).
  • Perfumes: You can get her a new perfume by her favourite designer, a perfume she’s been wanting to get, or you could even smell a couple and choose one that you’d love on her (Now that’s something she’ll find romantic). You can also get her a feminine version of your signature perfume or go all out and purchase a Fragrance collection containing a Perfume, Body Spray, Moisturiser and/or Bath wash all-in-one (one of my favourites is Kylie Minogue’s, it’s a flowery scent if that’s something she likes).
  • Designer Dresses: Ensure you get it in her exact size and colour she’ll love. You can go for designers like Chanel, Michael Kors, Versace, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, etc.
  • A teddy bear: It depends on her and it could be huge or small depending on her preference (There’s the possibility she ain’t a teddy bear person but if she is, and has no size preference then I advise you go for a reasonably large one).
  • Spend time with her in a romantic restaurant or a place you know she’ll love (Turn off your gadgets to avoid distraction).
  • Make-up: You probably think this is crazy and might not wanna be caught dead in a make-up store (especially if you’re one of those ‘anti-chessy-put-your-rep-and-ego-before-your-significant-other’ type of man). You gotta trust me, do you wanna blow her mind or not? Good! Get her a lipstick colour(s) that you’d love on her or one that you’re sure she would like or has been searching for (in this case, get the exact picture she keeps on her phone so you’ll get the exact shade of lipstick, I’d advise you get in MAC, REVLON, L’OREAL, INGLOT,MAYBELLINE, TARA or SLEEK Products to be safe). You can also add a mascara and a sweet-tasting lip gloss or balm to the lot. You can add more flavour by including a nail polish.

WARNING: DO NOT GET MAKE-UP ONLY. It’s like a side dish.



  • A cake with a personal message on it. Ensure to order in her favourite flavour; it could be red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, coconut and all (Does any ring a bell? If not, proceed to finding out in whatever way that doesn’t get her suspicious).
  • Her favourite cookies, ice-cream, sweets or a box of chocolates (there’s no rule that says you can’t get em all. *Lmao*).
  • Do something to show that you’re proud to be with her, it could be putting up a picture of her or both of you on a social media telling her how much she means to you by including a sweet message in the caption. If you’re a low-key person or your relationship is under wraps then this isn’t for you (But you can send her a link or picture of a romantic message).
  1. Make her breakfast.
  2. Help out with the kids.
  3. Get a nanny or somebody to look after the kids and take her out for a romantic dinner.
  4. Tell her not to cook dinner and pick up something nice on your way home.
  5. Order for a cake/pizza/doughnuts/waffles to be delivered to her at work/home.




“Women like stress”, “Women are complicated” (Says Men. *rme*). This is why it is easier to pick out gifts for women than it is men but I came up with the best I could, with some help I admit.

  • A personally selected card with handwritten words as earlier stated.
  • Something you know he loves, could be his favourite wine, cookies or chocolates.
  • A customised cake (I know some of you don’t agree but what rule says the guy can’t be given one especially if he’s a sweet tooth or a cake-freak?).
  • A perfume/aftershave by a favourite designer of his.
  • A pair of custom-made cufflinks.
  • A wristwatch or bracelet with something romantic engraved in it (you could use his initials as well).
  • A customised t-shirt or jersey of his favourite football/basketball club.
  • Some designer shirts and ties (For corporate guys).
  • A designer briefcase or a messenger bag (depending on his preference).
  • A nice pair of shoes or sneakers you’re sure he’ll love or one he plans to order.
  • Cook his favourite meal (well garnished with an enticing set-up).
  • Take him out for dinner in a romantic restaurant or a place you know he’ll love (Turn off your gadgets to avoid distraction and Girl, do not go dutch!).
  • Get tickets to a game, a movie or a play that will amuse him.
  1. Wake him up with some early morning “cookie”.
  2. Get a masseuse to come give him a whole body massage or give him one yourself.
  3. Surprise him at work by having lunch delivered to him from his favourite restaurant.
  4. Wear something nice for him even if you’re just gonna have dinner at home.


I hope I have been able to help, and remember you can always refer back to this in case you need help in deciding on a birthday gift, anniversary gifts or random gifts.


Waitaminnnnnnnn!!! I almost forgot to include it; Gadgets! Gadgets!! (It could be the latest iPhone, iPad, Playstation or whatever gadget she/he is freaked about). Oh! And don’t forget the gift bag(s) in her/his favourite colour, every detail is important, trust me. You’ll be glad you put in this much effort and thought when you see how their faces light up because of you. Aaaaaaaaaaaand   It’s a wrap!!! HAVE FUN OKAY?! Laters guys.