What’s with New Year and Resolutions?

January 1st;  World New Year’s Resolution day!
Fortunately a lot of people have outgrown the whole charade.
You shouldn’t have to wait for a certain day to make seemingly necessary changes in your life. I don’t see why anyone should continue brewing in negative or unhealthy habits for 365 days in anticipation of January 1st. Right now too early for you huh?

Whatever time the realisation hits you about the need for a resolution of some sort……..be it June 26th,October 31st or whenever, go ahead and start to effect that change at that exact moment.

Live life based on your set standards and your own schedule!



Wishing you an an amazing year, have more fun, success, love and never regret. Look at all the beauty in your life and be happy.


( Adapted from I.G: @jasmine_jolie )




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