Induction and Things…

Hi Guys… So I bring good tidings. *drum roll* It’s official, I’m a Physiotherapist. *smiling* I was inducted into the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria about a month ago. It was a beautiful ceremony and the highlight of it was when I was swearing the “Oath of Physiotherapy Practice”. That was when it hit me, I realized I’m in this “for better or worse, in sickness and in health”*lol* In the few minutes the oath was being sworn by all of us inductees, it dawned on me that I was making a vital commitment, for myself, to the profession and for every patient I’m going to manage for the rest of my career. Deep som’in innit ?.

Anyways, I’ll have to do internship for 12months after which I’ll go serve my country for another 12months (God help me). Basically I’m in a phase where I can’t tell where I’ll be working or residing next week or next month. As if that’s not enough, I’m also clueless as to when my internship placement will be announced. Yeah, I already applied to a few places and I’ve taken exams yeah, so now is the waiting phase. I know how dreadful most people find “the waiting phase” but honestly I’m not so bothered because I know God has everything planned out and I trust that it will all fall in place in due time.

So, my graduating set’s yearbook got published a short while after the induction ceremony and while flipping through the pages I thought to myself “Why not share the articles you wrote on your blog?”, so here I am. I volunteered to write two articles for the yearbook so I’m gonna share them, strictly because they are good reads. Of course they are *winks* Enjoy!

One of those days…

Everyone removes their ward coat and quickly takes their allocated seats as Funmi (“class rape” Like Prof Hamzat would say) is sighted from the window walking towards the department, carrying Prof Sanya’s books. I look in the direction of Jonathan’s feet and he still isn’t wearing a pair of socks again, even with the jabs Prof Sanya threw at him in the last class, calling him “Oritamefa boy”. Earlier, I asked Ajani if he read up on the things she gave us last class and he said “ Wo! I did not read anything”. I watch in silence as Temi turns off the ac and exchanges a knowing look with Ayomikun. Within seconds, Samuel shouts “Ta lo pa ac?”. The guy must have some temperature sensor in his body, I think. The whole class bursts into laughter as only Samuel would want both the ac and fans on at the same time. Opemipo hails Timi-who has already taken his place on the first seat in class, in front of Prof Sanya’s-because he always gets hit by the first question and has little or no time to think or codely check online. I must admit, I respect him for that. I’m almost certain my brain will decide to do a “mannequin challenge” If I were in his shoes. Somehow, he always answers her questions and she usually seems pleased. Chinanza walks in and starts causing commotion in front of the class, looking for a seat to place in front of Titi as Prof Sanya enters the class and everyone greets her. Rofiyat quickly takes her seat in the front row as Dara returns Opeyemi’s book, I’m guessing she was taking a look at the read-ups we were given. Salam and Pelumi remove their earphones while Ayomikun nudges Tiwa─who has her ears plugged probably through people’s stories on Snapchat─to alert her about Prof Sanya’s entrance.

“Where is Summaiya?” she asks. I barely heard what Funmi’s reply was in a bid to put my phone on silent. “Ayanfe! Did you do what I told you to do?” Prof Sanya asks Ayanfe. He stands up and answers “No ma, I wasn’t able to see the man”.  It was discovered that Ayanfe has multiple allergies in one of the classes on dermatitis and he was instructed to go find out the specific things he is allergic to. As Prof starts the class with the first question directly to Timi as usual, who begins his answer with “Uhmm”…

Mid way through the class, I notice Yomi and Samuel look back and stifle their laughter. I turn to find out what is funny and hear Prof Sanya say “Wake that boy up! Why is he sleeping in my class?” Demola had dozed off again. The class roars with laughter as Ayanfe wakes him up. Soon after, I see Femi codedly dozing, with his hands serving as a shield, making it difficult for him to be caught, “Smart guy” I think to myself. At this point, Alex has the mic and he is moving some stuff on the physiotherapy management of buruli ulcers.

I sigh as I check the time and realize it is 6:12pm. This class was supposed to have ended by 4:00pm but here we are. I try to ignore the rumbling in my tummy and pay attention to the ongoing lecture. Looking around the class, I can tell I’m not the only one struggling to focus; I mean for Jude to yawn…

Ten minutes later, the class finally comes to end and Prof Sanya asks If anyone has any question. I’m almost certain everyone just wants to go back to the ABH and eat but no, Ileri just had to raise his hand and ask a question which got everyone upset. Chinaza looks at Ileri like he’d love to beat him up and I hear mumblings from directions.

Basically, the objective of the above article was to mention every one of my class mates. it was quite tasking but I was obviously able to accomplish it.

Diary of a Physiotherapy Student

Imagine how excited we all must have been at making the 2011/2012 admission list for The University of Ibadan; the Premier University, but ASUU decided to kill our shine by going on a warning strike of some sort. Eventually, we resumed February 2012 instead of November/December 2011 and the whole registration process that has been designed to stress students to their very last cell begun. I remember how Tiwa and I would skip the scarily long queues in front of Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Zoo Lab and complete our registrations before those who had been waiting since 6:00am by utilizing our “Female power” which she was and still is so skilful at and taught me some (my sincere apologies to anyone we must have pissed off back then)…

January 2016, we all went to Lagos for outside posting. I remember how annoying it was that we had to waIt for some days before resuming at CDC and how scared some of us were when we began our posting there, to the fun we had at the National Stadium, Surulere: the fees latecomers had to pay and how in spite of the fact that I was in charge of collecting the fees, I was found guilty as well on several occasions. Lest you ask, the money was used for an end-of-posting party, that’s all I can tell you…

Fast forward to December 15th,2016, 9:00am, Prof. T.K Hamzat in his usual kindness, got them to open the fully air-conditioned gym for us all to wait there, knowing that a lot of us would have our sweat glands on an overdrive while waiting our turn to go into the “scary classroom” for defence of our dissertations. Although the previous day, Opemipo and I were lucky enough to see what the defence-setting would be like─ the candidate’s seat was in the centre of the classroom with seats for 6 lecturers on either sides, and seats for the HOD and external examiner in front─and we did not hesitate to send a picture of it to the WhatsApp’s class group page so everyone has an idea of what we were in for.

After being addressed by the HOD, what was on the minds of most of us was the sequence in which we were going be called in. Every time the door to the gym was opened, every one of us froze with our eyes on the door, wondering who is going to be called first. Honestly my heart skipped a couple of beats every time that door was opened. Out of the blue, Prof T.K Hamzat entered, called “Adeniran Jonathan” and left with him. Invisible tension-filled clouds hovered in the gym, I lost count of how many times I went to meet Dara for a hug. At some point, she got tired of me (omolomo was probably trying to settle her own nerves as well). One time, Prof T.K Hamzat came in and called Tiwa’s name, omg! Tiwa almost had a TIA *lmao* (Tiwa forgive me, but I’m so laughing at you as I write this). Anyway, fortunately for her, it was for something else. At some point Salam was on the bicycle ergometer, and thinking about it in this moment, I’m not understanding how that helped with his nerves. I guess everyone devised a means to remain calm. Opemipo and I even went some place quiet to rehearse for the umpteenth time the “summary of our research work”. It was a crazy day!!! Jonathan was done in less than 10 minutes and what he had to say was, “It wasn’t difficult. Just calm down”. That really did help a lot though.

Eight hours later, we were taking pictures with our lecturers. I have to say, it was so much fun. Our HOD even dabbed. Yes! You heard me right. Prof T.K Hamzat dabbed, on some fresh level. (“Nice Dab” *In Ajani’s voice* He he). A day that started out filled with some much anxiety ended up being a beautiful day, all thanks to God and our amazing lecturers who tried their best to calm us all during our defence.

We started out as strangers about 5 years ago, from different states, different backgrounds and all. Over the years, we have all grown; both as individuals and as a class. From being segregated back in 100L, we learnt to accommodate one another, we learnt from one another, covered up for one another, annoyed one another, worked together, helped one another, argued, shared jokes, settled conflicts,  and came out stronger. In spite of our differences, we spent the last few years being a lot more than a family than just classmates. WE MADE IT GUYS!!! Congratulations to every member of the B.Physiotherapy 2015/2016 set. I wish you all the very best or better still I’d like to quote Samuel and Ajani, 2016 by saying “All the best bruh, in your chosen career”…

In this article, I was just describing a typical day in class, that’s all.

Here are some pictures from my induction ceremony and dinner.


Wonder who got me laughing like this…


So these lovely friends of mine came from their various classes to my induction ceremony (Dumebi, Success, Me and Ogonna)


Temi Gee & Temi J.


Oh, what was going on here again *thinking*


Oh yeah, I got two cakes from two amazing people who understand my undying love for cakes. *kisses to you guys*


All Photo Credit: August55Media ( IG: @august55media |


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