Comebacks are More Refreshing than New Socks.

Hey there, what’s popping? How una dey? (See me forming pidgin guru, I can only hold a struggling-conversation in pidgin when trying to purchase something in the market *covers face*). It’s been a bit yeah? (*winks*) Who am I kidding?! *sad face* I know, it’s been a whileee. I’m sooooooooo ashamed of myself though. I keep promising myself to be more consistent but my dear; the struggle has been real o *sigh* From losing my mojo to procrastinating, at a point I couldn’t shake off the nagging feeling that I had to find a lasting solution. Then something happened!

I ran into one of Cassie Daves’ posts via Twitter. Yes, the Cassie Daves. It was a post titled “Celebrating Four Years Of Blogging X 4 Tips I wish I Knew When I Started Blogging” which she published in January so it’s perplexing how I only just bumped into it a few months ago. I had come across her then-WordPress blog when I started blogging 2 years ago and that was the only time I had an encounter with her blog until a few months ago on my Twitter timeline. I at once checked her now-self-hosted blog which I’m glad I did because not only have I learnt from her posts on blogging, I gradually became motivated. Reading her posts really got me inspired. I hope to take my blogging more seriously from now on though (God help me). I think a major problem I have is that I’m such a perfectionist *shrugs*. I always want a post to attain a super-high level of awesomeness before putting it up. Henceforth, I will do my best to slow my roll and summon the courage to hit “Publish” once I have a well-structured and proofread write up. Wish me luck guys.

What have I been up to asides blog struggles? Well, work! Work!! Work!!! I was ill for a while (which I will write about soon) and I started a business earlier in the year which has been taking most of my free time. That’s about most of it. Omg! How could I forget? I recently came back from a 2-week leave during which I had my convocation (I had my induction earlier in the year though), a couple of photo shoots (I do face modelling now and then) and my birthday (Yeah! This girl got older and wiser *tap dances*). That’s about it, for real this time *lol*. Details on how my convocation went will be coming up soon (Subscribe asap so you don’t miss it *kisses*). This has been a good catch-up time, right?  It always feels so good each time I ‘connect’ with you guys. I hope we’re on the same page there though.


Photo Credit: August55Media


Photo Credit: August55Media

It’s a new month guys and the last month of the year, Yipee!!! Hope your day is going great. Today is a public holiday in Nigeria, how are you spending it? I wasn’t so excited when I heard about this holiday because I’m on call duty for the week (plus the weekend). So, do have fun and relax for two.


Photo Credit: Ovia Reflex

I wish you all an amazing December.



9 thoughts on “Comebacks are More Refreshing than New Socks.

  1. Epic comeback after so long. The not-being-able-to-post-for-a-while part is understandable. We all know how life can get. We either forget we have something to do (in your case post) or – two words – NO INSPIRATION. Waiting patiently for your next post to hear all about how you got ill.


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