Vital Tips to Achieving your Goals in 2018

Happy New Year People!!! I know it’s the 9th of January but that’s gonna be a litany for the next few weeks. Hope your new year has been going great. How are you feeling about 2018? Optimistic? Excited? Expectant? Do you have new year resolutions or have you outgrown them like I have? If not, what resolutions have you made? Do share.

I either made new resolutions every year or carried over some from the previous year until recently (if 3years ago can be classified as recently *lol*). I’m no longer a fan of new year resolutions simply because I don’t think one should wait for a “new year” before making resolutions which I expressed in this post. So if I’m not a New Year Resolutions person (Yes o, it’s a thing now *lol*), what do I do as a transition between years? I usually take an inventory of how the previous year went and re-strategize for the new year, in my head (he he). This year, I’m trying something different. I’m writing out my goals for the year and making a budget for the year as well (of course with allowance for miscellaneous). The power of the pen, no more doing things in my head alone. The disadvantage of the method I’ve been accustomed to is that sometimes at the end of the year, certain things I’ve achieved, I forget were actually listed (in my head of course) as a goal at the beginning of the year. This made it easy for me to get discouraged or edge towards not giving myself enough credit. It has also prevented me from acknowledging when I overachieve. Thus the need for change (the real one *he he* If you know, you know).

I’m looking forward to the end of the year (Yes, already?) with so much optimism and in anticipation that I would have ticked most/all of my highlighted goals and followed my budget closely. Nevertheless, I intend to enjoy every bit of this year with so much gratitude for 2017. For me, last year was a stepping stone to a lot of things, and this year I’m looking forward to building on the foundation that was laid last year. I’ll also be going for my NYSC this year, which is a thought that once got me worried but I’ve decided to leave it all to God and trust in HIS best for me because worrying don’t epp nobody.

Are there things that get you worried once they cross your mind? What are they? What do you do when this happens? Do share. For me, I pray as soon as I realize I’m starting to get worried or anxious and it works like magic.

What goals do you plan to achieve this year? Have you strategized on the best way to achieve them? Because it just doesn’t end at listing out your goals, you should also have a plan on how to go about ticking them off your list. In the last year, I had to balance a lot of things at once which made it pretty hard to keep up sometimes. So, I had to devise a means to ensure I ticked off everything I had planned for each day as well as avoid leaving anything out; I searched for and downloaded a “Personal Assistant” app towards the end of last year (it’s like an upgraded version of a To-Do List). It has helped me stay organized and I intend to stick with the app. I’d also like to have a To-Do List Book as well (because there’s something about writing things down and seeing them), though I haven’t gotten around to buying one yet.

The little things we accomplish everyday shouldn’t be overlooked as they take us closer to our set goals.


What are the things you’ve have put in place or are putting in place to help you achieve your set goals? Have you made plans on the steps to take towards reaching your goals? If you haven’t, start making plans today. Do whatever it takes to make SMART plans and execute them. Make those enquires. Register for those courses. Pay for your gym subscription. Ask for help in that project. Attend those conferences. Learn that sport. Start writing that book.

I wish you a fulfilling 2018. I pray and declare that great things are coming your way this year and always by God Almighty’s grace.

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I appreciate you for your love and support in the last year and I’m looking forward to having you on board this year as well as I have a lot of interesting things coming up.

*Hugs and Kisses*


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  1. physiodoc says:

    Yass!!! Writing is the best way to see how far you’ve come and far you have ahead!!!!
    Nice one!!!!!
    More ginger to write down my goals.💪

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  2. Amazing….This is so epic and a lot of lesson in just one piece. Kudos. It’s in our best interest to plan ahead of time,with that you ll know where you are headed. I do this more often and with prayer as my backup,i see results.
    Thanks darling for this word of wisdom.

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    1. Awwwn, you’re welcome. Thank you for stopping by. I like the prayer part, our plans are nothing without God. I wish you an extraordinary year love. 💝


  3. SeunErinle says:

    “The little things we accomplish everyday shouldn’t be overlooked as they take us closer to our set goals.”

    Perfect 👌💯

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  4. SeunErinle says:

    “The little things we accomplish everyday shouldn’t be overlooked as they take us closer to our set goals.”

    Perfect 👌💯

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  5. Dumebi says:

    I particularly like your quote. I will tell myself that each day I feel like I just lost a lot of hours to nonsense.
    Kudos boo


    1. Awwwn. Thanks Darling. Means a lot. Thanks for stopping by. 😘


  6. Ronke says:


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  7. What an impressive post. I’m a resolution person because it’s just another day for setting new goals which I do all the time anyway. Yes to writing goals down. I think I shall steal your idea of having an actual to do liist book instead of just typing it in my memo or writing it in a random book or piece of paper. There is this wonderful satisfaction in physically writing and ticking of things from your to do list everyday. Great post

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    1. I love how you make resolutions everyday. Keep it up darling. I agree with you completely on deriving satisfaction from ticking off things on a to-do list. I think it also motivates you for the following day. Thank you for stopping by Babygirl. 😘


  8. Sunshineeeee says:

    Hey, great post. Just learnt something new today. Getting the personal assistant app and also praying. Sometimes, when I worry I forget to pray but a friend of mine told me that fear is not of the Lord.
    Your post once again proves this and I hope to grow stronger in him. I’ll write out my plans and tell you at the end of the year how it goes
    Keep it up boo!

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    1. Awwwwn. Looking forward to hearing about how well you accomplished your goals at the end of the year. Yeah, there’s nothing as awesome as having a great relationship with God. By the way, the name of the app is 24me. Thank you for stopping by love.


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