Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Chapter 4

Jules’ POV

Well, it’s been a few days since Mr. Good Samaritan left my house looking all disheveled. Work was still the same for me. Although the new CEO had made a few changes. So as of yesterday I no longer work at Freddie and Co. but at Thompson’s Publishing.

The name I don’t mind but him firing and replacing most of the workers isn’t fair. That’s just mean. I get that he’s doing his job but he should have given them a month’s notice or at least a week. He just upped and fired them.

How charming of him.

I also heard he was a charmer. A hot charmer at that. Well, he’s been on all the floors. Andy and Sofi just can’t stop talking about him. And believe me, it’s annoying.

I was almost done cooking when I heard a knock.

I wonder who it is?

I went to the door and opened it. When I saw who it was, I held my breath.

He looked flawless in his black suit, white shirt and a dark shade of blue tie. His hair fell in place on his head. Then as I met his eyes and saw a hint of smile on his face. That’s when I realised I was staring.

“Are you done ogling me Ms. Jenna?” He said with his husky and very masculine voice that made me swallow.

“I-I was not…” I was about saying when he interrupted.

“May I come in?” He asked.

“Oh yes please” I said as I opened the door wider. He stepped in and walked towards the living room but not before he made sure his arm brushed mine and he lingered close for a while before he proceeded into the living room.

I sighed and closed the door. The I went to join him. He was scanning the room. Then when he looked at the kitchen, I remembered the food.

“Oh shit, excuse me” I walked-ran into the kitchen and turned the gas off. Thank God it didn’t burn. I would have gone to bed without having dinner.

I finally went to the living room to join Ceaser. I smiled as his name crossed my mind.

Wait! What the heck is wrong with me and my thoughts these days?

“I’m sorry about that” I said as I sat down.

“It’s fine” he said as he just looked at me.

We looked at each other for a while till it got really uncomfortable and weird, so I snapped out of the spell he put on me.

“So, why…?”

“I’m here to apologize for my behaviour the other day” he said interrupting me again.

“Oh that? It’s nothing. It’s fine. I’m sure you had…”

“I remembered I forgot to do something really important” he said. Interrupting me once again.

“It’s really okay. I mean, I wasn’t mad or…”

“But I just…” he was about saying before I cut him off.

“You do know you haven’t let me complete a sentence” I said.

He looked surprised.

“What?” He asked.

“You haven’t let me complete a sentence since you walked through the door” I smiled.

He had a hint of smile playing on his lips.

“I’m sorry. I’m just…” he sighed “Did your food get burnt?”

“What?” Now I was surprised.

“The food. It was on the fire when I walked in.” He stated.

“Oh. No, it didn’t get burnt” I said.

“Oh. It’s a shame. I’d have loved to take you out for dinner”.

I blushed.

“You do remember that I have a daughter right?”

As if on cue, I heard Ivy crying.

“Excuse me” I got up and ran to her room.

I opened her door and as she saw me, the crying stopped.

“Momma” she said raising her hands for me to carry her.

“Hey princess” I smiled at a smiling Ivy. “Hungry?”

“Hunguwe” she said.

I smiled at the way she said it. It was so cute. I adjusted her on my hip and went back to join Ceaser.

“Ceaser I want you to meet my daughter” I said immediately I entered the living room. He got up and turned to where I was.

His face was blank then I saw something in his eyes. Like regret and love. I don’t know. Maybe I just imagined it.

I reached him and smiled.

“This is Ivy” I said.

His lips curved into a smile and soon it grew wider into a grin.

“Ivy” he said.

It was as if she heard him call her name. She looked at Ceaser and smiled. She unwrapped her tiny hands around me and stretched them towards Ceaser.

Then she said something that shocked me.


Ceaser’s POV

I stayed away from her for a few days trying to set my mind and get my head straight. It wasn’t easy at all. I had to let go of the woman I picked up in the office garage and see her for who she really was.

The woman who took my child.

I decided to set my plan in motion. She didn’t look like someone who’d give her daughter up for anything. So I was going to court her.

I’ll make her fall madly in love with me. Who could resist me after all?

Then I’ll get married to her and share equal rights to my daughter. Finally, I’ll get the best lawyers and make sure I win back my daughter before I finally divorce her.

I smiled at my plan. It was as easy as that.

I went to her house to get started. The way she drooled over me when she opened the door made me happy. Then I got her to know that I’d love to take her out. Then I heard a cry.

“Excuse me” she said and left.

I heard footsteps coming closer after a while. Then she called my name. I got up and looked at her only to see her with my daughter.

“Ceaser I want you to meet my daughter” she said after entering the living room. I just stared at the little one in her arms.

When I first saw her she was asleep in Jules’ arms. I felt something then. When I saw her the second time. She was asleep in Jules’ lap. She made my heart pound.

Those two times I never knew she was my flesh and blood. But now that I know. I was just the happiest man.

Only if Bea, hadn’t given her up. I wouldn’t have to go through this. I’d have been with my daughter. Happy and problem free.

She moved closer and smiled.

“This is Ivy” she said.

My lips curved into a smile and soon it grew wider into a grin.

This is one of the happiest day of my life. I loved the name Jules gave her.

“Ivy” I said.

It was as if she heard me call her name. She looked at me and smiled. She was so cute. She unwrapped her tiny hands around Jules and stretched them towards me.

I didn’t know what to do.

Then she said something that left me breathless and motionless.


Just one word that made my heart beat escalate and my heart filled with joy. Just that word would make my day…my life.

“I’m sorry…” Jules was saying.

“Hey” I said as I took Ivy from her. She gladly came. “How are you?” I asked thinking she’d hear me.

“Dada” she said it again and giggled lightly which made me laugh.

I sat down with her still in my arms. Ivy just stared into my eyes like she knew me. Then she tried to climb up on me. I held her in place as she pulled my tie hoping it will pull her up. Then she finally made it. Now she was standing on me with her hands in my hair tugging and twirling.

“Is it fine if she stays with you for a while? I need to make her food” I heard Jules say. I had totally forgotten about her.

“Yeah” I said, not wanting to sound too happy about it or too uncomfortable with the idea of a baby all over me.

But she was ‘my’ baby. Nobody else’s.

Ivy played with everything that caught her attention till Jules brought her food.

She carried a bowl of cereal as she entered the living room. She sat on the same couch I was but there was a little distance. That didn’t stop me from inhaling her scent immediately. It drove me wild. She smelled of coconut.

“Ivy your food’s ready” she said to Ivy who was on my lap.

Ivy crawled out of my lap towards Jules. Jules carried her and placed her on her lap facing me.

She picked the bowl up and took a spoon full of the cereal and brought it near Ivy’s mouth. Ivy opened up and once the cereal was in her mouth she chewed on it before she swallowed, which took a while.

My heart clenched at the sight before me. Sometimes Jules would have to say ‘Ahh’ before Ivy opened up for her. I was too caught up at the sight before me I didn’t realise I was smiling like a complete idiot.

“Ivy open up, few more spoons” Jules told Ivy as she placed the spoon near Ivy’s mouth.

Ivy shook her head. Then she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. She looked back at Jules.

“Momma” she called.

My breath caught. As much as I hated it and wanted to deny it. Jules was Ivy’s mother no matter what.

Ivy placed a hand on Jules’ face then she pointed at me.


Jules looked at me. I know she didn’t want to tell a one year old that the person she calls ‘Dada’ isn’t her dad.

Only if she knew.

“You want Dada to feed you?” She asked Ivy. Ivy nodded as she crawled out of Jules’ lap into mine.

Jules wasn’t sure if I liked the idea. I could tell from the look on her face.

“It’s fine” I told her.

She nodded and handed the bowl over to me. I began to feed Ivy how I saw Jules feed her. Ivy opened up every time till she finished her cereal.

“Good girl” I said after I gave her the last spoon. She smiled at me.

Jules took the bowl and went back to the kitchen. She came back to join Ivy and I. She was quiet as she watched how I played with Ivy. Finally, Ivy began to dose.

“That’s my cue” Jules got up and came to take sleeping Ivy from me.

“Let me” I got up.

She looked at me. I guess she was trying to figure me out.


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