What’s Trending?

Asides the World Cup, there’s been another interesting ‘development’ and that is… *drum roll* ACRIMONY!!! Acrimony premiered in March but it appears to be trending again. If you missed out on seeing this movie, you can download or watch by clicking on the links I included

DIY: Tumeric Exfoliating Face Scrub

If you’re huge on DIYs and haven’t tried this, then you should totally give it a try. If you’re not a big fan of DIYs because of the “stress” involved, you might find this pretty easy because the ingredients are few and relatively easy to get.

Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Chapter 10

I gasped from shock of the contact of our lips. His lips were soft but possessive and rough. At the same time, it was slow and passionate. He bit my lower lip and I moaned at the shiver it sent all over me. He pulled me closer and plunged his tongue inside my mouth and played with my tongue. I moaned from the contact of our tongues. His hands roamed beneath his jacket, over my naked back sending waves of desire through me, my hands were behind his neck pulling him closer, if it were even possible.

Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Chapter 9

“It’s true” his mum said “Always avoiding women like a plague. Don’t know how he made it this far. He has still kept me wondering how he even got married”.
I looked at Ceaser who was looking at me “Married?” I asked looking at all of them.
”He hasn’t told you has he?” His mum asked me looking guilty.