How to Derive Happiness from Little Things

A lot of people pass through life with their sole focus on the “bigger things” and then get disappointed or even depressed if they can’t achieve those things or it’s taking a little longer than expected. In the hustle and bustle, they don’t realise one can also derive happiness from the little things that are present in our everyday lives. Are you one of such people? Are you in too much of a hurry, chasing the bigger things in life that you miss out on the little and maybe even priceless things? Have you let “life” make you oblivious to beautiful everyday joys?

Sweetheart, you need to pause right now, take a deep breath and click on the reset button or re-orient yourself. Think about the little things that you would probably notice if you weren’t so blind to them, or weren’t so much in a haste. Think about the little things that might put a smile on your face in spite of how much of a busy/bad day you’re having or might have had. Don’t be in a haste. You won’t experience happiness or even notice these little things if you are always in a hurry. Truth is, if you don’t find joy in little things, you might not in the “bigger things” either. Hell! You wouldn’t even appreciate them when they come.

I compiled a list of little things that make me feel refreshed or happy:

  1. Petrichor (the smell of rain).
  2. Rain (Oh Yes! Can you tell I’m a Pluviophile?)
  3. The sight of the moon (One of the most romantic sight ever).
  4. Cool evening breeze while taking a walk.
  5. The smell of freshly laundered clothes.
  6. Sleeping on a freshly laundered bedsheet.
  7. The taste of chocolate melting in my mouth (he he).
  8. A baby smiling, giggling or laughing.
  9. The scent of a baby.
  10. A toddler being very polite and well-mannered.
  11. The smell of Palmolive honey body wash.
  12. The feeling after posting an article.
  13. Helping someone in need.
  14. Cold water on a very hot afternoon.
  15. A message or call notification from anyone that’s dear to me.
  16. Holding a cute baby in my arms
  17. Aroma of fried beef, chicken or eggs…
  18. Friends being attentive, sweet and empowering.
  19. People that want the best for others.
  20. My mom’s daily visit (for updates/gist) to my room just before she retires for the night.
  21. My dad’s dry jokes.
  22. My sister grabbing my butt when we see after a long time.
  23. Seeing an old happy couple.
  24. A sprouting flower.
  25. Little thoughtful gestures and pleasant surprises.
  26. Early morning dew.
  27. A walk at dawn.
  28. Beautiful sceneries.

I’d have to stop right here or I might just go on and on…lol

I’d love to know what yours are, do leave your comments. If you wanna get notifications each time I put up a post, hit the subscribe button as well *winks and blows kisses*

Don’t forget to always take time to appreciate the little things in life. Make a conscious effort to do this every day and observe how it infects each day with happiness.

Wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Lots of Kisses. Jasmine


Clean Slates and What Not

That was pretty quick, I’d say… Of course I’m referring to how fast 2016 went by.

Hi Guys!!! *grinning* I’m not trying to drop a previously used line or anything, but It’s been a while. He He.

I really am just here to do some productive rambling If you must know, and I believe it’ll be worth your time. As always. *winks*

Anyone did a 2016-evaluation? Well, not that I really allotted some time for it either but subconsciously, over the last few days, I have been doing some annual review in preparation for drawing up my 2017 schedule. So what was the outcome of yours? Great year? Or not? Just one of those years? Or was it some limbo phase for you?

Let’s see *scratches scalp*… Honestly, 2016 was one of the most stressful years I’ve had, in every form; psychologically, physically, mentally, emotionally and shii. Yet, it was also a great and exciting year for me mahn, which ended with me submitting my dissertation. Whoop! Whoop!! *tap dancing*. In spite of all the downs, the losses, the terrible mistakes I made and the turn which certain events took, I choose to be thankful for both the good and bad, for without the bad, we wouldn’t really value the good, or would we now?

Darling, however the previous year might have played out for you (mostly awesome, good or just there), I’m not here to give you some speech on how you’ll get a “brand new refresh button” just because it is the start of a new year because to be honest, that doesn’t guarantee an automatic reset or a clean slate. But what it does provide is the platform to appreciate the past year, re-assess all the choices and mistakes you’ve made, re-evaluate events, friendships, relationships, business decisions and learn from whatever bad calls you might have made in the last 12months. If possible, strategize on how to make up for your mistakes. So gather some momentum, fill up your nitro tank and re-energize as you forge ahead into the year. Tell yourself “It’s gonna be a great year for me” and mean it. Be optimistic no matter what. Believe in yourself and trust that you have been equipped with whatever you need to achieve the goals you have set. Cut loose anything that brings you more pain than happiness. “Live, Love, Laugh !!!”

Rambling’s over. *lol* Oh! Before I get outta your face, I’d be publishing articles from some amazing writers this year, in addition to devoting more time to bombarding you with my very dry jokes *he he* which you’ve all grown to love *blows kisses* or hate *still blows kisses*. Did you notice how I tried extra hard not to drop any of them jokes and almost choked on a couple? That’s my gift to you; I’m sparing you this one time.

Wish y’all a wonderful year. Ok! Ok!! Bye… See you soon Guys.


Stuck in the Elevator

main_chanie_elevator 22

We have all been in this particular elevator more than a few times. The “I just don’t know” elevator, which either takes you up to a better place or back down to start all over again. Oh! Did I mention only after being stuck in it for some time? Well, Unfortunately. So where was I? …. Right! It’s that phase in relationships where a lot of accumulated occurrences has you in an overwhelmed position such that you’re at a loss of your next course of action, call it a “Heart-Freeze” if you like. It’s when your emotions have been silently taking hits for a while and have finally reached their breaking points, the phase where your head and your heart are staring at each other across the battle line.

Who’s going to win this one? That’s the question you’d probably be asking yourself at this point and I’ll tell you what the answer is, “You just don’t know”.Believe me, no matter how much thought you give it or how hard you try to analyse, reminisce and relive past events in your head, you just don’t know if they are ‘the one’ at that moment, if the way things have been are how they should be, if they’re still worth fighting for or not, if you should keep persevering or give up already, if you should stay or leave, if you should say YES or not, if you should take a leap of faith or chill in your comfort zone, If you should move on or hold on to the seemingly good times, If you should forgive them this time or take it as your cue and skedaddle………

You are absolutely C L U E L E S S ! ! !

Hold up, there’s a bit of good news though ( C’mon now, this is the part where you smile or sumfin  *winks*),  the answers will come to you whatever they end up being. The secret is Time! Give it some time, yeah I know it’s easier said but Hunnay, it’s the only way out of this elevator.

That said, let things flow naturally, be you, give it your best, do not force it but keep your hindsight at bay. It might take a few days or even months but try not to overthink it, just follow the cascade of events to come and one day, pretty soon, it will hit you from nowhere; EUREKA!!!

What’s with New Year and Resolutions?

January 1st;  World New Year’s Resolution day!
Fortunately a lot of people have outgrown the whole charade.
You shouldn’t have to wait for a certain day to make seemingly necessary changes in your life. I don’t see why anyone should continue brewing in negative or unhealthy habits for 365 days in anticipation of January 1st. Right now too early for you huh?

Whatever time the realisation hits you about the need for a resolution of some sort…… it June 26th,October 31st or whenever, go ahead and start to effect that change at that exact moment.

Live life based on your set standards and your own schedule!



Wishing you an an amazing year, have more fun, success, love and never regret. Look at all the beauty in your life and be happy.


( Adapted from I.G: @jasmine_jolie )