Should You Make the First Move on a Guy?

” It really does take a lot of guts to be able to walk up to a guy, and say “Yo, so here’s the thing; I really like you a lot (Or I’m attracted to you/ I think you’re hot). I hope you feel the same way about me and we can build something together (Or maybe just have a fling or whatever), but irrespective of how you feel, I just thought you should know. “

9 Essentials for Building Deep and Lasting Friendships

Communication is a doorway to our emotions and inevitably exposes our vulnerability, hence I realize how this might be difficult for some people but if you really wanna learn how this friendship thing works, you need to do better at this.

Are Men really the “Heads”of their Wives?

I acknowledge that God referred to the Man as the head of his wife but like another friend of my mine will say “A man is the head but his wife is the neck” (that controls the head *winks*).

Do Soul Mates Still Exist?

It’s early October and today, I woke up to the best morning I’ve had all year. Yes, I did say ‘the best’. It’s mid-day as I type this and there are a lot of things lined up for me to do but I just had to escape from them to put this down quickly because…

Valentine’s Day is Overrated

Valentine’s day is more than cards, candy hearts and gifts but I’ll spare you the interesting details of how Valentine’s day came about and move on……………… Yeah Yeah!! So the perception is that it is a day to show love to one another blah blah blah………… *rolling my eyes* WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU…