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My blog has a following across Instagram and Twitter with majority of my readers coming from Nigeria, US, UK, Canada and India. I appreciate that you love my blog and delivery style. I’d be delighted to work with you if your brand/proposal aligns with my audience and blog aesthetics. I’m open to blog sponsorships and collaborations. I am keen to partner with brands and companies that fit in with my blog and audience. I am also open to collaborating with other bloggers and guest writers whose style align with my blogs’.


I accept products to be reviewed and featured on my blog as well as other social media platforms affiliated with this blog (depending on the selected package) but I will only write about/feature products I really like and would recommend to my audience without second thoughts. I strive to be completely honest and transparent with my audience, therefore, all words and opinion on any product sent to me will be strictly mine and will be void of any influence by the brand/company involved regardless of payments made. Sponsored posts and collaborations will be clearly indicated.

I’m receptive to working with brands and companies that provide lifestyle-related products/services that my audience might benefit from. I’m particularly interested and enjoy reviewing restaurants, cafes, galleries, salons, bakeries and other fun spots offering exceptional services in addition to being beneficial to my audience. You can check out my review on Arami Essentials.


I’m very passionate about modelling and have a 5-year experience with my latest job being a campaign shoot for Samsung and Essenza. I am open to modelling for companies/brands that are in need of a hair or face model. If you’d also like for me to be your brand’s ambassador, I’d be delighted to work with you. You could check out my portfolio.


As a content creator, I take pride in being a perfectionist and meticulous in all my collaborations. I strive to deliver highly scrutinized, original, honest and rich content to my audience. Therefore, being scrupulous in addition to carrying out adequate research on every collaboration (both paid and otherwise) is assured.

I work based on payment or PERP (Product Exchange for Post, depending) for sponsored content, brand ambassador, campaign or modelling.

*Available to travel based on agreement

Reach out to me already. Let’s redefine EXTRAORDINARY together. I’d be delighted to work with you.

For further enquiries including media kit requests, please contact me via email: