Vital Tips to Achieving your Goals in 2018

Happy New Year People!!! I know it’s the 9th of January but that’s gonna be a litany for the next few weeks. Hope your new year has been going great. How are you feeling about 2018? Optimistic? Excited? Expectant? Do you have new year resolutions or have you outgrown them like I have? If not, what resolutions have you made? Do share.

I either made new resolutions every year or carried over some from the previous year until recently (if 3years ago can be classified as recently *lol*). I’m no longer a fan of new year resolutions simply because I don’t think one should wait for a “new year” before making resolutions which I expressed in this post. So if I’m not a New Year Resolutions person (Yes o, it’s a thing now *lol*), what do I do as a transition between years? I usually take an inventory of how the previous year went and re-strategize for the new year, in my head (he he). This year, I’m trying something different. I’m writing out my goals for the year and making a budget for the year as well (of course with allowance for miscellaneous). The power of the pen, no more doing things in my head alone. The disadvantage of the method I’ve been accustomed to is that sometimes at the end of the year, certain things I’ve achieved, I forget were actually listed (in my head of course) as a goal at the beginning of the year. This made it easy for me to get discouraged or edge towards not giving myself enough credit. It has also prevented me from acknowledging when I overachieve. Thus the need for change (the real one *he he* If you know, you know).

I’m looking forward to the end of the year (Yes, already?) with so much optimism and in anticipation that I would have ticked most/all of my highlighted goals and followed my budget closely. Nevertheless, I intend to enjoy every bit of this year with so much gratitude for 2017. For me, last year was a stepping stone to a lot of things, and this year I’m looking forward to building on the foundation that was laid last year. I’ll also be going for my NYSC this year, which is a thought that once got me worried but I’ve decided to leave it all to God and trust in HIS best for me because worrying don’t epp nobody.

Are there things that get you worried once they cross your mind? What are they? What do you do when this happens? Do share. For me, I pray as soon as I realize I’m starting to get worried or anxious and it works like magic.

What goals do you plan to achieve this year? Have you strategized on the best way to achieve them? Because it just doesn’t end at listing out your goals, you should also have a plan on how to go about ticking them off your list. In the last year, I had to balance a lot of things at once which made it pretty hard to keep up sometimes. So, I had to devise a means to ensure I ticked off everything I had planned for each day as well as avoid leaving anything out; I searched for and downloaded a “Personal Assistant” app towards the end of last year (it’s like an upgraded version of a To-Do List). It has helped me stay organized and I intend to stick with the app. I’d also like to have a To-Do List Book as well (because there’s something about writing things down and seeing them), though I haven’t gotten around to buying one yet.

The little things we accomplish everyday shouldn’t be overlooked as they take us closer to our set goals.


What are the things you’ve have put in place or are putting in place to help you achieve your set goals? Have you made plans on the steps to take towards reaching your goals? If you haven’t, start making plans today. Do whatever it takes to make SMART plans and execute them. Make those enquires. Register for those courses. Pay for your gym subscription. Ask for help in that project. Attend those conferences. Learn that sport. Start writing that book.

I wish you a fulfilling 2018. I pray and declare that great things are coming your way this year and always by God Almighty’s grace.

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I appreciate you for your love and support in the last year and I’m looking forward to having you on board this year as well as I have a lot of interesting things coming up.

*Hugs and Kisses*


Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy; Chapter 1

Jules’ POV

Eleven months later.

I opened the door to her room and it’s like she knew I was coming.

“Momma” she was up in her cot smiling at me as I walked in. Her arms were stretched out to me.

My heart leaps for joy every time she calls me that. She just started speaking a few weeks ago and ‘Momma’ was the first word that came out of her mouth. I was so happy and proud of her.

I walked towards her cot and picked her up.

“Happy Birthday Ivy” I said to her “You’re a year today”.

She giggled like she understood what I said.

Ivy was the child I adopted. She was a month old that time. Apparently her biological mother kept her a secret from her biological father. Well, that’s what the nurses said but no one knows what really happened.

That’s in the past. Now, Ivy belongs to me. I love her more every single day and I wouldn’t stop loving her cause she’s just so darn cute. She’s got a dimple on her left cheek, probably hereditary.

Today is her day. I’m gonna make it special for her.

At the same time somewhere else…

Ceaser’s POV

What was taking him so long?

I wondered.

Bea’s attorney asked to see me today. I have no idea why. Two months ago I’d expected him to call me when I became a widower but he didn’t, and today of all days, he asked to see me.

“Sir, Mr. Smith is here” my assistant’s voice blared out of the phone.

“Let him in Claire” I said.

My assistant opened the door and Jack Smith followed behind. I stood up as he made his way towards my desk. I stretched my hand.

“Jack” I said as he took my hand.

“Thank you for taking the time to see me” he said.

“No problem. Have your seat” I said.

I sat after he did.

“I was surprised when you called to set up a meeting” I told him honestly.

“Well it is very important” he said.

“Why today?” I asked him.

“That is for you to find out” he said. He opened his briefcase and brought out an envelope.

He looked at me while adjusting his glasses.

“Your late wife Mrs Beatrice Thompson specifically told me to give this to you today. The twenty-fifth January. She said I wasn’t suppose to give you a day earlier or later.” He said.

I wondered why.

My brows knitted as I stretched to take the envelope. I stared at the envelope in my hand.

“You don’t happen to know why?” I asked.

“Not a clue. My job is to deliver and not find out”.

I nodded.

“I’ll take my leave” he picked up his briefcase and got up.

I got up as well and shook his hand.

“Thank you Jack” I said.

“Just doing my job Mr. Thompson” he said and left.

My gaze shifted from the closed door to the envelope on my desk. I finally sat down after a couple of minutes. I picked the envelope and tore it open.

I had to satisfy my curiosity, but I was also scared of what I might find inside.

I pulled out a piece of neatly folded paper and placed the envelope on the desk. I slowly unfolded the paper.

It had to be now or never.

I sighed when I noticed Bea’s writing on the paper.

Dear Ceaser,

If you’re reading this letter then I’m no longer with you. Even though there was no love in our arranged marriage I still cared about you. You know that right?

Yeah, you had a really weird way of showing it. I thought

I’m very sorry for what you’re about to find out. But know that it is the truth and I kept it away from you for selfish reasons.

Two weeks before I told you I was going to see my mum, I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t know how to tell you or what your reaction would be like.

What the heck? You could have simply said “Ceaser we’re having a baby” I thought. I sighed and continued.

I didn’t know if you wanted a child…

Of course I did.

…or if you were ready for one. So I lied and ran away. I carried the child and hid in a place where I knew you’d never think of looking for me.

I finally gave birth to a baby girl, my princess, our princess. You found me on the twenty-sixth of February, a month after I had given birth. When you found me, I was back to my old self, so you didn’t notice my excess weight. You couldn’t tell I just had a child. No one could.

I’ve kept this secret since then and I knew I’d have to tell you someday. But now that I have cancer, I fear I might not be able to tell you in person.

She probably wrote this later when we found out she had cancer, that was middle of September – seven months after we found her. She died one month later which was two months ago.

I decided to write a letter to you because I didn’t want to spend my last days with you hating me.

We have a child Ceaser, and she’s soo beautiful. I just have one month left. The reason I told Jack to give this letter to you today is because our princess is one today.

I hope you forgive me for not telling you sooner. I wish I had. We could’ve been with her together. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me Ceaser. Please…


I sighed heavily. I was in shock. No! Shock was an under-understatement.

This just blew me like a bomb.

Why the heck did she do this to me, to our child…to us?

Well its done. I can’t change anything. All I can do is look for my daughter, by all means.

I picked up my phone from the table and dialled John. He answered on the third ring.

“I need you to look for someone for me John” I told him.

“Do you have a clue to where he or she might be?” He asked.

“No” I said.

“Any family or relative?” He asked.

“I’m the only family she has” I said.

“Ok” he sighed “Hmmm, do you have anything that can give me a lead?”

“The only lead died two months ago” I said in frustration.

“Okay. So what do you know about this girl…or woman?” He asked clearly hopeless.

“Today’s her first birthday…and she’s my daughter”.



Jules’ POV

The only thing I now hated work for was cause I had to leave Ivy in the children’s department of the building. I wanted her to be with me all the time, but I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. I thought as I rode the elevator up with Ivy in my hands. The elevator dinged open then I got out and walked into the lobby.

“Where’s Miranda?” I asked Sofia – Miranda’s assistant

“With the other kids” she said, then she noticed Ivy “Is that her?” She asked

I smiled and nodded.

Her face softened, she had this she’s-soo-adorable look on her face.

“She’s soo cute”.

“I know. I haven’t gotten over it too” I told her.

“Can I hold her?” She asked.

I gave Ivy to Sofia who went willingly smiling adorably at Sofia. I left them in search of Miranda.

Miranda and Sofia are my friends. They knew about the adoption and everything else. They were kinda they ones who pushed me into adopting. So they’re like godmothers to Ivy and they run the daycare. That’s just what makes it easier for me to leave Ivy here. Knowing that Miranda and Sofia will be here with her.

I saw Miranda with other kids. She looked so happy. Miranda loves children but when we tell her to have hers, she just freaks out.

“Jules” she called when she saw me “Where is she?”

“With Sofia” I said and before I knew it, she ran to where Sofia and Ivy were. I followed.

“…so adorable” I heard her say “Hi Ivy” she was talking like a cartoon character “I’m your godmother. Miranda”.

Ivy smiled “Miwanda”.

“Ah, she said my name” Miranda screeched.

“Okay. I’m gonna leave you guys. I’ll be back during lunch break” I said. I went to kiss Ivy “Bye pretty. Momma will see you later.”

“Momma” she said like she was still surprised she had a mum. I left Ivy with my friends still drooling over her.

I got into the elevator and punched the number to my floor. I sighed. First day at work with Ivy. I hope it goes well.

Ceaser’s POV

I was beginning to get impatient. I haven’t been able to focus since the day I found out I had a daughter.

What if she was out there suffering?

I hadn’t heard from John since then. I wondered if he had found anything on my daughter. I sighed.

“Sir? Mr. Lobos is here to see you” Claire’s voice filled my office.

“Let him in” I said.

“Yes sir” she said.

John walked into my office few seconds later.

“John” I got up when he entered “Tell me you have something. You’ve kept me waiting for a week”

“Actually, I have enough” he sat down.

“Okay. Good” I sighed inwardly.

“Okay. So I asked around and your late wife gave her up for adoption and almost a year ago she was adopted by a woman named Jules Jenna. 25 years old, works at ‘Freddie and Co.’ Lives alone, parents…”

“That’s all I need to know John. Do you have her address?” I said.

“Of course” he said and wrote it down. “Sir what exactly do you plan on doing?”

“I’ll go to her house and demand for my child” I said bluntly.

“I don’t think you should do that. She has full right and custody of the child. Even if you were the child’s biological father it wouldn’t matter in court if you press charges which is where this case might end up. And she’ll definitely win the case over and over again.”

I thought about it for a while.

“So I should play it cool”.

He nodded.


And just like that, the perfect plan hit me.

I was gonna get close to her. I’ll gain her trust, get my child and end everything with her.

It’s as easy as that.

I smiled inwardly.

This is gonna be fun…

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Jane Catherine Lanett is a first year engineering student in SHUATS, Allahabad. She dreams and makes up stories of hot American/British/Greek/Italian guys.

She is a music and book lover. Reader and Writer. Singer/Songwriter.

She wrote her first book when she was 8 years old. “The Beginning of The End” is the third book she’s written but the first one she published on wattpad.

Her books are based solely on her ideas and imaginations.

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Twitter: @JaneCLanett

Adulting: How to Wing it

Hey Darlings, how’s it going? What are you up to? How are you spending your holidays? Did you travel anywhere? Or are you already where you’d wanna be?

Myself? Oh thanks for asking. I couldn’t travel home. Home is about 4-5 hours from here and I’ve been on call all week. Today is my last day of call duty which means I can only travel tomorrow and I’d have to return on Tuesday, you see it’s not worth the risk right?

Missing Christmas this year brought me to the realization that I’m now an adult. I mean “Duh!” but you know that moment when you’ve realized something already, then something else happens that reaffirms it and helps you attain 100% acceptance? Did that make any sense to you? Okay let me try again. The “This is it for real!” or “Shit just got real” moment when you get an affirmation of something you already know and it helps you transition into full acceptance. That’s better right? So that’s the kind of moment I’m having. For me, it’s more of a “Wow, I’m really an adult; Like for real”. And all this because I’m missing Christmas. Who would have thought.

The thing is I’ve never missed spending Christmas with my family, except for that one time I and my sister met up with my cousins at our… state of origin. For a moment there I thought “village” and then shook my head because a lot of Nigerians refer to one’s state of origin as Village? It isn’t always correct though. What if where I’m from is a town or a city? I’m I the only one who thinks like this? What’s your take on that? Please leave a comment below. Where I’m from? I’m from Ekiti state o. I’m a Yoruba girl *smiling* A diluted Yoruba girl but still a Yoruba girl *flips hair*.

Why do I always do this; digress? *hits palm on the forehead*. Anyways, let’s get back on track. You know how they say “Growing up is a trap” (even though I don’t really know who “they” are but let’s move on *lol*). Well, they weren’t lying. I mean not that it’s the entire truth because there’s the part of being an adult that totally rocks but you can’t pick one over the other. You have to deal with a mixture of both. It’s like a cocktail that you really like even though it has this underlying flavor that you’d rather do without. Can you relate? The sad thing is that there’s no manual or guidelines, you just have to wing it like everyone else. We all get to finals and chant “I can’t wait to be a graduate”, then get thrown out into the real world and think “Why was I in so much hurry”, because hustling begins. Whether it’s an 8-4 at your dream job or the struggle to redeploy and find a good ppa (Primary Place of Assignment) during NYSC (National Youth Service Corps: a one year period right after school where you serve your country). Somewhere in the middle of all that, this adulting thing gets real and we do realize it but accepting it doesn’t necessarily come right after. For some, it takes a while and others it takes an incident. For me, it took the latter-missing out on spending Christmas with my family because of work.

And let’s be real with one another, no matter how put together our lives are, sometimes shit gets real and we freak out every now and then (while putting up a facade to the world). But it’s okay to freak out, as long we get back on track. Things might get scary, being an adult might seem tough sometimes (Sometimes? I meant most times) but we will all figure it out. The trick to winging it is to take one step at a time and most importantly, let God take the wheels. I tell God everyday to take charge because I’m only just a learner in this adulting thingy. And even as I grow older and wiser, I’d still need His guidance and Almighty presence for things to go just right. So whenever you freak out, remember God has got you and HE is in the bestest position to help you perfect things. I hope this gets to someone at a time they need it the most.

When did you have your moment of realization and moment of acceptance about adulting? Did it happen concurrently? Have you had a “freak-out” moment lately? What triggered it and how did you get past it? Do share details, I’d love to hear from you. And I’d respond as soon as possible.

I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with joy, love and God.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Prologue


Ceaser’s POV

I paced back and forth my office. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was all by God’s grace that I haven’t had an heart attack.

I’ve been married to Beatrice for a year and a half, and just ten months ago she disappeared into thin air. She had been behaving weird just a few days before she disappeared and now, no one knows where she is.

I combed my fingers through my hair and sighed heavily.

The private investigators I hired have been on this case for months now. All she said before she disappeared was that she was gonna stay with her mum for a few months.

I wondered why but I never questioned her. But knowing Bea, she had her reasons and she had crazy ways of doing the things she had to do in order to get them done. So, I let her leave. No questions asked.

Two months later, I hadn’t heard a single thing from Bea. I called her mum – Mary – who said she hadn’t seen Bea since we got married. That was eight months ago and up till now, we haven’t found Bea.

My phone rang.

“Yeah?” I said

“We’ve found her Mr. Thompson” Tom – my private investigator – said

I sighed with relief.

Jules’ POV

I struggled with the door as I tried to keep the groceries from falling onto the ground. I finally got the door open after a few attempts. I used my leg to kick it open as I entered, and I kicked it shut. I walked briskly but carefully through my medium-sized-all-white palour into the kitchen. I finally made it into the kitchen and I dumped everything on the kitchen counter. Then I began sorting them out.

Today’s the day.

I thought as a smile made its way to my lips. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Today’s the day I get to meet her. Since my parents died six months ago, I tried to drown myself into my work to prevent myself from breaking down.

But two months ago, I realised it wasn’t right and my parents wouldn’t want that for me. So I made the best decision ever, to adopt a child, cause relationships never ended well for me. My first and last relationship of two years ended tragically which put me – permanently – in the single ladies section of the population. It took me a very long time to get over catching my boyfriend -at that time – cheating on me. With my roommate. In my bed. On my birthday.

Yeah. Taa-daa! Happy Birthday Jules.

I swore off men since then, they just bring havoc into my peaceful life. Relationships are complications.

Been there, done that.

My phone rang.

“Hello?” I said

“Hello. Is this Ms. Jules Jenna?” The person asked formally

“Yes. Who’s asking?”

“I’m calling from the orphanage about…” I was so excited.


“Well your papers just arrived and it has been approved. So all you need to do is come over anytime to sign it. Then you’ll officially and legally become a mother”

I grinned from ear to ear.

My heart bubbled with joy.

“I’m on my way” I hung up immediately.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I picked up the keys to my convertible and ran out the door.

After six weeks of searching for the perfect child, going to court and filling documents, getting an attorney, baby proofing the house, buying a baby cot and many other things.

This was it.

I was finally going to be a mother.

Her mother.

I got into my car and drove off to the orphanage to pick up my daughter.

Look out for the sequel next Wednesday by 8pm.

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Jane Catherine Lanett is a first year engineering student in SHUATS, Allahabad. She dreams and makes up stories of hot American/British/Greek/Italian guys.

She is a music and book lover. Reader and Writer. Singer/Songwriter.

She wrote her first book when she was 8 years old. “The Beginning of The End” is the third book she’s written but the first one she published on wattpad.

Her books are based solely on her ideas and imaginations.

Hook up with her on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Smule: @JaneLanett

Twitter: @JaneCLanett

A little bit of Spice

Hi Guys, I’m super excited in anticipation that you’re gonna like what I’m about to share with you. I decided to do some sort of collaboration with my baby sister. Well you could scratch out the “baby” part because she’s 19 years old… I think *scratches head*. Anyways she’s been writing on Wattpad for over two years now. To be honest I never knew what Wattpad was about until she mentioned it. And last I checked, she’s written over 5 (fiction) novels and has quite a lot of followers (I can’t remember how many exactly. Does that make me a bad sister? No right? Thanks).

In this post, I talked about my resolution to be more consistent with blogging and I’ve been trying my hardest to achieve that slowly. You guys can attest to that right?! In a bid to not only grow my blog, but also give you guys something entertaining to look forward to as well as add spice to things, I had a discussion with my sister which resulted in my decision to bring her in as a guest writer for some time. Starting tomorrow, I’d be putting up excerpts from one of her books on a weekly basis. I hope you guys enjoy reading and I’d be looking forward to your comments.

I included a summary of the book below.

Jules Jenna hates the fact that she’s trying to hide herself in her work to avoid grieving her parents death. She needed someone in her life and she wasn’t good with relationships. But one thing she was good at was taking care of a baby. She decided to adopt a child, whom she fell in love with.

Ceaser Thompson just found out that his deceased wife had his child and gave her up for adoption. Now he wants his child – the heiress of his companies – And he’ll go any lengths to have her as his own, legally.

Will this woman who adopted his daughter give her up easily or Would he have to use his charms to get her to give up and give in?

Find out. Coming right up. If you don’t wanna miss this, then I’d suggest you hit “Subscribe” *winks*.

What do you think the title of the novel might be??? Yes! I deliberately left out the title and I’m feeling so mischievous right now *lol*. Do let me know what your guess is in the comment section.

Laters Guys.

Convocation: The Struggle of a Slay Queen


*Slides in on a hoverboard* Hullo! Yeah, it’s me. Who else has got a good dramatic entrance game like I do?! *winks* How’re you doing? Good yeah?! In this post, I shared a couple of my convocation pictures with you. Now, I’m here to give you the full gist. My convocation was over a month ago so I hope I remember all the juicy gist. Hol’up! There’s no juicy gist o, before I trigger someone’s amebo mode *lol*.

I finished school last year December and had my induction ceremony in February this year-you can click here to read about it. The University of Ibadan’s Convocation ceremony always falls on the same week as her Founder’s day hence the delay. I had completely forgotten about it (because I felt my induction ceremony was enough) until a friend of mine mentioned it and I realized it was gonna be around the same time I’d be in Ibadan for my 2-week leave. So I thought “Why not go since you’re already gonna be in IB?”

I had about 2 weeks notice thus the planning begun. What to wear? To beat my face or not? Should I use one of my heels or get a new one? I was edging towards not beating my face mostly because of the weather and I perspire a lot besides having an oily skin but my sister threatened to disown me, so I was left with no other choice. I decided to sew my dress in a bid to avoid the stress I underwent on the search for my induction outfit (which was ruined after the first wash, thankfully after my induction). Teti─my friend; who’s undergoing her internship here and is also a UI alumna─and I contacted Ibilola; a final year medical student in the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and sent our measurements. I was going for something decent, hot and classy. It was a struggle picking a style as I find the whole searching for a style to sew very stressful but I got help from Teti and I ended up merging two different outfits (a dress I liked but didn’t want the sleeves design because of the heat and a sleeve design from another dress). Do you do that too? Let me know in the comment section.

I travelled to IB on Saturday and immediately went shoe-shopping. I decided to sleep over in UCH the night before convocation to make getting my makeup done easier as we were expected to be seated at the hall by 7.30am (Can you imagine?! Were they expecting us to start our makeup by 4am? *smh*). It also made it convenient to pick up my dress the previous night. You guys ehn, my dress was on point! Dayum! It was… *swallows saliva* I’ll just include pictures below.

On the D-day, I got to Utyliciouz’s by 4.30am (Yes! I had to be there that early, even though my appointment was for 7am because she had other clients booked before then). I finished my makeup around 8am (Yes o, I was 30 minutes late and I wasn’t gonna kill myself *shrugs*), got to the University of Ibadan Conference Centre, took some pictures and went in. But before we could go in, there were officials that had to check us in, literally. I found it so cute. Let me explain, so they ensured our sashes were properly worn and then helped pin it properly. I really did find it cute and it made me proud of my Alma mater (*chants* Greatest UI!!!).

I found the ceremony very interesting and was glad I showed up even though my family and friends weren’t in attendance because I didn’t think it necessary as they were present for my induction ceremony. I also united with my classmates and lots of picture taking, snapchatting, whatapp story updating and stuff went down. I took some professional pictures after the ceremony, got invited to some after-parties and I had an outing spring up as well but sadly I couldn’t attend any as I had a lot of stuff to do at home.

Oh! Did I mention how glad I was that my sister threatened me?! Yass! Utyliciouz understands and gets my face so well that I barely oiled out. Although, I also carried along a handfan for protection *lol*. So I went for a light coverage look with dark lips and she beat my face to slayage. She’s done my makeup a number of times though (you can check them out on her Instagram page) but I’d have to say my convocation look is my favorite so far.


Would you guys wanna see a “before” picture? Please say “No”. Most “before” pictures have a way of looking super horrible *sighs*. While I deliberate on whether to post one or not, I almost forgot to mention how I struggled with the decision on whether to wear a wig or use my natural hair although someone was kind enough to weave my hair into cornrows the previous night. I also asked her to apply Eco Styler Gel so it’d come out curly if I did go with my hair but after I tried on the wig with my makeup on fleek the following day, I decided “Wig it is!” coupled with the fact that I was running late and had no time to loosen the cornrows and style my hair. I’ll drop pictures of me in cornrows (he he) and a wig.

Now to the dress, I’ll won’t say too much. I’ll just include the pictures below. Talking about pictures, August55Media is the B O M B ! ! ! I loved all my pictures. Trying to select which to show you guys was a herculean task. I’m not even exaggerating, they perfectly captured moments I didn’t even realize existed.



Do you guys see what’s going on here? Why would you check a lady’s butt at the risk of getting caught on camera? *smh*


Can you tell it turned into a lowkey modelling session?


This is one of favs.

Dress by Genteel by Lola.

Okay fine, one more? Just one more. Okay two more. *smiling sheepishly*

I still can’t get enough of these pictures… *covers face* All photo credit goes to August55Media

So, do you think it is necessary to attend one’s convocation ceremony? If you attended your convocation, kindly share how it went in the comment section. I will be glad to read it. Did you throw a big party or run off to some quiet place? If you didn’t attend yours, share your reasons with me. Also, tell me what you think about my dress, did I nail it? *winks*

Leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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P.S: Did you notice I escaped sharing a “before” picture? *giggling* And you guys forgot about it *tongue out* If you didn’t, head over to Utyliciouz page, drop a comment on what you think about my “before” picture. Don’t forget to mention me in your comment so I’ll receive a notification.