Convocation: The Struggle of a Slay Queen

*Slides in on a hoverboard* Hullo! Yeah, it’s me. Who else has got a good dramatic entrance game like I do?! *winks* How’re you doing? Good yeah?! In this post, I shared a couple of my convocation pictures with you. Now, I’m here to give you the full gist. My convocation was over a month ago so I hope I remember all the juicy gist. Hol’up! There’s no juicy gist o, before I trigger someone’s amebo mode *lol*.

I finished school last year December and had my induction ceremony in February this year-you can click here to read about it. The University of Ibadan’s Convocation ceremony always falls on the same week as her Founder’s day hence the delay. I had completely forgotten about it (because I felt my induction ceremony was enough) until a friend of mine mentioned it and I realized it was gonna be around the same time I’d be in Ibadan for my 2-week leave. So I thought “Why not go since you’re already gonna be in IB?”

I had about 2 weeks notice thus the planning begun. What to wear? To beat my face or not? Should I use one of my heels or get a new one? I was edging towards not beating my face mostly because of the weather and I perspire a lot besides having an oily skin but my sister threatened to disown me, so I was left with no other choice. I decided to sew my dress in a bid to avoid the stress I underwent on the search for my induction outfit (which was ruined after the first wash, thankfully after my induction). Teti─my friend; who’s undergoing her internship here and is also a UI alumna─and I contacted Ibilola; a final year medical student in the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and sent our measurements. I was going for something decent, hot and classy. It was a struggle picking a style as I find the whole searching for a style to sew very stressful but I got help from Teti and I ended up merging two different outfits (a dress I liked but didn’t want the sleeves design because of the heat and a sleeve design from another dress). Do you do that too? Let me know in the comment section.

I travelled to IB on Saturday and immediately went shoe-shopping. I decided to sleep over in UCH the night before convocation to make getting my makeup done easier as we were expected to be seated at the hall by 7.30am (Can you imagine?! Were they expecting us to start our makeup by 4am? *smh*). It also made it convenient to pick up my dress the previous night. You guys ehn, my dress was on point! Dayum! It was… *swallows saliva* I’ll just include pictures below.

On the D-day, I got to Utyliciouz’s by 4.30am (Yes! I had to be there that early, even though my appointment was for 7am because she had other clients booked before then). I finished my makeup around 8am (Yes o, I was 30 minutes late and I wasn’t gonna kill myself *shrugs*), got to the University of Ibadan Conference Centre, took some pictures and went in. But before we could go in, there were officials that had to check us in, literally. I found it so cute. Let me explain, so they ensured our sashes were properly worn and then helped pin it properly. I really did find it cute and it made me proud of my Alma mater (*chants* Greatest UI!!!).

I found the ceremony very interesting and was glad I showed up even though my family and friends weren’t in attendance because I didn’t think it necessary as they were present for my induction ceremony. I also united with my classmates and lots of picture taking, snapchatting, whatapp story updating and stuff went down. I took some professional pictures after the ceremony, got invited to some after-parties and I had an outing spring up as well but sadly I couldn’t attend any as I had a lot of stuff to do at home.

Oh! Did I mention how glad I was that my sister threatened me?! Yass! Utyliciouz understands and gets my face so well that I barely oiled out. Although, I also carried along a handfan for protection *lol*. So I went for a light coverage look with dark lips and she beat my face to slayage. She’s done my makeup a number of times though (you can check them out on her Instagram page) but I’d have to say my convocation look is my favorite so far.


Would you guys wanna see a “before” picture? Please say “No”. Most “before” pictures have a way of looking super horrible *sighs*. While I deliberate on whether to post one or not, I almost forgot to mention how I struggled with the decision on whether to wear a wig or use my natural hair although someone was kind enough to weave my hair into cornrows the previous night. I also asked her to apply Eco Styler Gel so it’d come out curly if I did go with my hair but after I tried on the wig with my makeup on fleek the following day, I decided “Wig it is!” coupled with the fact that I was running late and had no time to loosen the cornrows and style my hair. I’ll drop pictures of me in cornrows (he he) and a wig.

Now to the dress, I’ll won’t say too much. I’ll just include the pictures below. Talking about pictures, August55Media is the B O M B ! ! ! I loved all my pictures. Trying to select which to show you guys was a herculean task. I’m not even exaggerating, they perfectly captured moments I didn’t even realize existed.



Do you guys see what’s going on here? Why would you check a lady’s butt at the risk of getting caught on camera? *smh*


Can you tell it turned into a lowkey modelling session?


This is one of favs.

Dress by Genteel by Lola.

Okay fine, one more? Just one more. Okay two more. *smiling sheepishly*

I still can’t get enough of these pictures… *covers face* All photo credit goes to August55Media

So, do you think it is necessary to attend one’s convocation ceremony? If you attended your convocation, kindly share how it went in the comment section. I will be glad to read it. Did you throw a big party or run off to some quiet place? If you didn’t attend yours, share your reasons with me. Also, tell me what you think about my dress, did I nail it? *winks*

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P.S: Did you notice I escaped sharing a “before” picture? *giggling* And you guys forgot about it *tongue out* If you didn’t, head over to Utyliciouz page, drop a comment on what you think about my “before” picture. Don’t forget to mention me in your comment so I’ll receive a notification.


Comebacks are More Refreshing than New Socks.

Hey there, what’s popping? How una dey? (See me forming pidgin guru, I can only hold a struggling-conversation in pidgin when trying to purchase something in the market *covers face*). It’s been a bit yeah? (*winks*) Who am I kidding?! *sad face* I know, it’s been a whileee. I’m sooooooooo ashamed of myself though. I keep promising myself to be more consistent but my dear; the struggle has been real o *sigh* From losing my mojo to procrastinating, at a point I couldn’t shake off the nagging feeling that I had to find a lasting solution. Then something happened!

I ran into one of Cassie Daves’ posts via Twitter. Yes, the Cassie Daves. It was a post titled “Celebrating Four Years Of Blogging X 4 Tips I wish I Knew When I Started Blogging” which she published in January so it’s perplexing how I only just bumped into it a few months ago. I had come across her then-WordPress blog when I started blogging 2 years ago and that was the only time I had an encounter with her blog until a few months ago on my Twitter timeline. I at once checked her now-self-hosted blog which I’m glad I did because not only have I learnt from her posts on blogging, I gradually became motivated. Reading her posts really got me inspired. I hope to take my blogging more seriously from now on though (God help me). I think a major problem I have is that I’m such a perfectionist *shrugs*. I always want a post to attain a super-high level of awesomeness before putting it up. Henceforth, I will do my best to slow my roll and summon the courage to hit “Publish” once I have a well-structured and proofread write up. Wish me luck guys.

What have I been up to asides blog struggles? Well, work! Work!! Work!!! I was ill for a while (which I will write about soon) and I started a business earlier in the year which has been taking most of my free time. That’s about most of it. Omg! How could I forget? I recently came back from a 2-week leave during which I had my convocation (I had my induction earlier in the year though), a couple of photo shoots (I do face modelling now and then) and my birthday (Yeah! This girl got older and wiser *tap dances*). That’s about it, for real this time *lol*. Details on how my convocation went will be coming up soon (Subscribe asap so you don’t miss it *kisses*). This has been a good catch-up time, right?  It always feels so good each time I ‘connect’ with you guys. I hope we’re on the same page there though.


Photo Credit: August55Media


Photo Credit: August55Media

It’s a new month guys and the last month of the year, Yipee!!! Hope your day is going great. Today is a public holiday in Nigeria, how are you spending it? I wasn’t so excited when I heard about this holiday because I’m on call duty for the week (plus the weekend). So, do have fun and relax for two.


Photo Credit: Ovia Reflex

I wish you all an amazing December.