Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Chapter 10

Ceaser’s POV

I didn’t know what to do after my mum mistakenly blurted out that I was married.

Jules tried her best to mask her emotions but I could see it as clear as crystals. She seemed betrayed and broken. This confused me.

Why would she feel broken?

Betrayed, I could relate to that a little bit.

I watched as she chatted with my mum but as much as I wanted to know what they were saying; dad wanted to chat with me too.

“So son, there’s a reason behind why you bought that company. I want to know” my dad said

I scoffed.

Typical of my dad wanting to know everything that goes on in my life.

“Dad, all you need to know is that I can handle it” I told him.

“I know you can. But for once, why can’t you tell your old man” he said.

“If you had asked this question when I bought other companies, I’d have told you. But this is personal dad, I’ll tell you when the time comes” I told him.

He sighed.

“Fine. Have it your way. But tell me if you need anything, okay?” He said.

“Of course dad”.

“So how’s the other comp…?” My dad was about asking when he was interrupted.

“I’m sorry to interrupt” Jules said to my dad giving him a little smile “I need to use the ladies” she said to me.

“Of course” I said getting up when she did and sat back down after she left.

“Quite a lady, isn’t she” my dad said.

“How would you know?” I asked him with a smile.

He shrugged.

Ten minutes later, Jules hadn’t returned. I was getting worried.

“Son?” My mum called.

“Yes mum” I turned to her.

“You should go check on your lady. She didn’t seem fine when she left” my mum suggested.

I noticed it. But I didn’t know what was wrong.

Or maybe I did.

I gave my mum a brief nod and went in search of the ladies room.

I climbed the stairs and walked down a corridor leading to the ladies. I passed what seemed like a balcony before I caught her scent.


I’d know that scent anywhere.

I retraced my steps back to the balcony which was open. I quietly walked out into it.

There she was, with that killer gown I knew would look breathtaking on her. I swallowed hard when I saw how low the back was. Her skin was flawless and the arch of her back was calling to me.

Her shoulders lifted as she breathed in. Her arms went around her and rubbed. She was getting cold.

How long has she been here?

I walked up to her as I took off my jacket.

“What are you doing here alone?” I asked as I placed my jacket on her.

Jules’ POV

I wanted to escape everything and get my thoughts together. Sitting beside Ceaser wasn’t helping the situation.

I mean, c’mon, the guy was married and I just found out, from his parents, which was by accident by the way.

Somehow, I felt a little bit hurt.

I found a balcony on my way to the ladies. It seemed like a more sensible place to get my thoughts together than the ladies room.

I was caught up in my thoughts that I totally forgot that I had a charity function to get back to. But I didn’t want to go back just yet.

I was getting cold. I rubbed my hands on my arms. That’s when I felt someone behind me.

“What are you doing here alone?” I heard him whisper close to my ear which made me shiver as he placed his jacket around me.

“Thanks” I said trying to avoid the question as he came beside me.

“You’ve been gone for long” he said looking at the view in front of us.

I just sighed cause I didn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong Jules?” He asked.

I felt his gaze on me.

“Nothing, I just needed some fresh air” I smiled a little looking at him.

He sighed, and for a few seconds we didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like that. I wanted you to hear it from me. But to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna tell you”

I swallowed when I heard the truth.

They say the truth hurts, but I’m sorry to say this doesn’t hurt…it is fu*king painful.

I can’t believe I was allowing myself to believe whatever was going on between Ceaser and I was something, anything.

I guess I missed having someone to depend on. Someone who would be there for me through my happy moments and sad ones.

“Don’t worry…” I said.

I couldn’t say it was okay cause I’d be lying.

“…it’s your life and your decision. You can’t let other people’s reasons be the reason you tell them something. It has to be because you want to.” I sighed “I guess this is all my fault in a way” I looked down at my fingers.

“Why would you say that?” He asked.

“I forgot what it was like to be taken care of, to have someone else be there for me” I said. “When you started coming over, I guess I thought you could be that person. Well, I hoped. Then when you didn’t show up for a while, I was so sure you’d given up. It hurt a little cause I was already depending on you even though I didn’t like it. And it hurt even more to see Ivy call for ‘Dada’ every time”.

“I’m sorry about that. I just had to clear some things” he said

“See” I said frowning “That’s why it’s my fault. I shouldn’t make you feel like you’re responsible for Ivy, or me, or anything for that matter. You shouldn’t feel obligated to us, or to tell me your past, about your marriage, or to feel sorry when you’re away from us. You have a life. I have to learn to accept that…”

“What the heck are you saying Jules?” he grabbed my arms and turned me to him “I’m apologizing because I need to, not because I think that’s what you need to hear. I stayed away because I needed to figure out the way I felt for you”.

I stared at him in shock and I swallowed hard.

“Yes Jules. You’re not the only one that feels the tension when one of us is near. This may have started out wrongly but…”


What was he talking about?

“…I like where it’s going”

I don’t know how I got so close to him and into his arms.

“Ceaser, if you’re saying this because you pity me, you don’t even…” I was silenced with his lips on mine.

I gasped from shock of the contact of our lips. His lips were soft but possessive and rough. At the same time, it was slow and passionate. He bit my lower lip and I moaned at the shiver it sent all over me. He pulled me closer and plunged his tongue inside my mouth and played with my tongue. I moaned from the contact of our tongues. His hands roamed beneath his jacket, over my naked back sending waves of desire through me, my hands were behind his neck pulling him closer, if it were even possible. My fingers tugged at his back hair and it earned me a groan from him.

When we couldn’t hold it any longer, we pulled apart gasping for air.

“Ceaser…” it was all I could get out of my mouth with my mind messed up.

I felt his lips on mine again, but this time it was slow and not rushed like the first one. He pulled away slowly and placed his forehead on mine. I closed my eyes and sighed contended.

“We should get back” he finally said “My mum would be wondering where I went in search of you” he smiled.

I smiled and withdrew from him pulling his jacket off me and handing it back to him.

We made our way back inside with my hand in his.

*to be continued*

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Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Chapter 9

Jules’ POV

I made my way to the door and opened it. Ceaser stood there staring at me looking so gorgeous. He looked shocked.


“Hi” I said it rudely cause of two things.

One: Even though he apologized for not talking to me for long. It still didn’t cut it for me.

Two: “Hi Jules. Nice to see you again” would have been good enough. Not standing there and staring at me like I just confessed that I was Athena – the god.

“Jules” Finally he said something “You look…incredible”.


Well, that was unexpected.

“Thanks” I said “You don’t look so bad”.

He smiled.

“Are you set?” He asked.

“Yea. Let’s go” I said stepping out and shutting the door.

We walked down the stairs. I noticed a limo.

“Good evening ma’am” a man held the door open for me.

“Oh hello” I smiled at him.

“Thank you Patrick, I’ll take it from here” I heard Ceaser say as I got in.

“Yes sir” I heard Patrick say then he left.

I sat at the left end of the limo when Ceaser entered and closed the door.

“Are we set sir?” I heard Patrick ask.

“Yes please” he said “Let’s be on our way” he looked at me.

I felt the limo moving.

I sighed.

“Soo…?” I started “Do you want to fill me in on where we’re headed?” I looked at him.

“Impatient, aren’t we” He said smirking.

“I’m not impatient. I just want to know where you’re taking me” I said.

“You’ll find out soon” that’s all he said.

A few seconds passed.

“You got my note” he stated more than asked.

“I did” I said not looking at him.


I waited thinking he was gonna say something else. But apparently he wasn’t planning on saying more than that.

So much for communication.

A few minutes later I felt the car stop.

The door opened and Ceaser got down and waited for me. I got out and placed my hand in his arm.

“Thank you Patrick” I said.

“No problem ma’am” he said.

“Please call me Jules” I said.

“Yes…” Patrick was about saying.

“Enough of the pleasantries” Ceaser snapped.

I looked at him and frowned at him.

Rude much?

“Leave with the limo. I’ll call you when we’re ready to leave” Ceaser said to Patrick.

“Yes sir” he said and left with the limo.

“Let’s go in” Ceaser said and pulled me along.

I followed him.

In front of us was a huge building with few stairs that went round the building, at least from what I could see.

We climbed the stairs and arrived in front of a double door which was wide open. We walked in, the inside was bright from the diamond chandelier hanging all the way from the ceiling.

Few flower vases on either side on the room and paintings too. Few people here and there.

Finally we reached another double door where two door men stood.

“Welcome sir, ma’am” one of them said as they opened the door.

We walked further inside and I was shocked beyond words. I’ve never seen so many people since New year.

I was so caught up with the number of people that were here that I didn’t notice all their eyes turned in our direction.

When I did, I clutched Ceaser’s arm tighter and I swallowed. I felt his gaze on me so I turned and looked up at him.

“You alright?” He asked.

I nodded still trying to get over the attention.

“Can we go somewhere less open?” I asked.

He just smiled.

“Sure” he said and pulled me along with him, I followed willingly.

“So are you gonna tell me what the event is?” I asked when we had mixed with the crowd.

Ceaser picked up two glasses of champagne from the waiter that passed. He handed one to me.

“Thanks” I said and took a sip “So?”

“It’s a charity event. The invitation asked to bring a plus one. Didn’t have anyone at first…then I remembered you” he looked at me.

“Nice to know I’m being thought of once in a while. I was beginning to think you totally forgot Ivy and I existed” I said truthfully.

“Speaking of Ivy” he said “How’s she?” He asked.

“She’s fine” it brought a smile to my face just thinking about her “She’s been missing you” I looked at him.

“Oh?” He said.

“There hasn’t been a day that went by that she never said ‘dada'” I told him “She gets a little bit sad when she doesn’t see you”

“I’m sorry about that” he said “I was…”

“Ceaser?” Another voice interrupted him.

We looked at the person who called his name.

It was a good looking woman, around her forties. She had blonde hair and she was really pretty. She was accompanied by a middle-aged man.

“Mum” I heard Ceaser say.

Holy sh*t!

She hugged him.

“My boy. I thought you weren’t gonna come. I was almost losing hope” she said.

“I told you I was gonna come, mum” he told her. He looked at the middle-aged man “Dad” he hugged the man.

“How are you son?” The man asked.

“I’m good, dad” he answered and turned to me and smiled “This is Jules Jenna, my date” he said “Jules, these are my parents”.

“Good evening ma’am” I offered my hand to his mother.

“Oh please call me Selene” she said smiling at me.

I nodded and offered my hand to his dad.

“Thomas” he said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” I said smiling at him.

“The pleasure is all mine” he said and let go of my hand “Never met any of this boy’s woman” he said referring to Ceaser.

“Dad please” Ceaser said.

“It’s true” his mum said “Always avoiding women like a plague. Don’t know how he made it this far. He has still kept me wondering how he even got married”.



I looked at Ceaser who was looking at me “Married?” I asked looking at all of them.

“He hasn’t told you has he?” His mum asked me looking guilty.

“No” I shook my head.

“Well I’m sorry for being the one whom you heard it from” she said and looked at Ceaser “He’ll tell you when he’s ready”.

I swallowed and nodded at her. Forcing a smile on my face even though I felt hurt.

I don’t know why, but the idea of Ceaser being married and not telling me that he was/is married hit me like a wave and made me want to curl up in a corner and cry till my heart was better.

“Well we should probably go back to our seats. The auction will soon begin” I heard Thomas say.

“Oh yes” Selene said “Let’s go”.

I felt Ceaser’s hand on the small of my back which was naked. I felt his gaze on me as we followed his parents to the seats. I didn’t want to look at him. I couldn’t. I didn’t want him to see the emotions that played in me.

He pulled out a chair for me when we arrived at the seats that I think were reserved for us and a few other people.

“Thanks” I said to him still not looking at him.

“You’re welcome” he bent and whispered into my ear which sent shivers through my body.

He sat on my right with his mum on my left followed by others around the table and Thomas sat on the other side, next to Ceaser.

A few minutes later everyone was seated and the auction began.

My mind was still processing the marriage thing but I made sure I wasn’t rude about it.

“So what do you do?” Selene asked me.

“Hmm, I’m in the contracts department in Freddie and Co.” I said.

“Oh. What does that entail?” She asked

“I go through contracts made with other companies or individuals who want to publish books, magazines or newspapers. I make sure the contract doesn’t have errors that can affect the company badly or things that can implicate us in anyway. So if I find things like that, I send it over to the company’s lawyer with a reference to the part of the contract I think will affect us”.

“That sounds fun” she said.

“It is. But sometimes, some contracts are either too long, or its boring and isn’t straightforward. Some gets tricky” I told her.

“But from the way you talk about it. I’m sure you love it” she said.

“I do” I smiled.

“What about your family?” She asked.

The smile immediately left my face.

“I have a daughter – Ivy” I said smiling again.

“Oh. How old is she?”

“She’s one.” I said “She’s adorable. She never troubles me. She’s the only kid I know that doesn’t cry for little things except she needs a change or she’s hungry. Anything else, she tells you in her own way without crying. I just…I love her”

“I’d love to meet her. You talking about her reminds me of Ceaser when he was little. He never cried for little things. He was the happiest baby I’d ever come across.” She said happily “What about Ivy’s father?” She asked.

“Ivy’s adopted, so I don’t know anything about her biological parents”.

“What about your parents?”

“Uh, my parents died in a plane crash” I said.

“Oh, I’m so sorry” she said.

“It’s alright. It’s been more than a year now, but sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. But not with Ivy around. She keeps me happy” I smiled again.

“I can tell” Selene smiled at me “I like you, you’re good for my son” she said.

“I don’t know what to say” I told her.

“Say ‘You’ll take care of him’. He’s been through a lot since his wife died, at least that’s how it looks from my end. I don’t really know what he feels. He shuts himself out from everyone. He doesn’t like to share except it’s work stuff.”

I looked at Ceaser who was in conversation with his dad.

“I’ll try” I told Selene.

I’ll try.

It wasn’t a problem for me. I’ll try to make Ceaser happy. But if he doesn’t want to be, I can’t force him. It’s his choice.

So yes, I’ll try. But that doesn’t mean it’ll work.

Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy; Chapter Two

Ceaser’s POV

After the talk with John. I couldn’t wait a minute longer to execute my plan. I told Claire to cancel my next appointment then I made my way to the elevator.

“Get the car Patrick” I told my driver when he picked my call.

“Right away sir” he said.

A minute and a half later the elevator dinged open into the lobby. I got out and made my way outside. All heads turned to my direction.

“Have a nice day sir” Clarence said as he opened the door for me.

I nodded at him and exited the building. I spotted Patrick and the car waiting for me in front of the building. He held the door open for me then closed it after I got in.

“Where to sir?” He asked after he got in and started the car.

“Freddie and Co.” I said.

A few minutes later we arrived at Freddie and Co. I got out of the car and made my way into the building. As I entered, the receptionist couldn’t utter a word, she just stared at me. I would never get tired of having that effect on people. Especially the ladies.

I pressed the button to the elevator and waited for it.

Oh, I hated waiting.

Jules’ POV

Well, today went well. During lunch, I went to pick Ivy up and headed to a nearby restaurant with ‘Miwanda’ and ‘Sofi’ as Ivy calls them. They had a number of assistants to help out in the daycare so they were excited to join Ivy and I for lunch.

Now the perfect day was over. Everything was great, Ivy was sleeping peacefully in my arms as I got into the elevator. Sofia and Miranda had taken great care of her, they didn’t call once to complain about Ivy. Well who would, she was just perfect like that.

My little girl.

The elevator finally dinged open to the ground floor. I waited for the ladies who were in the elevator to get out before I finally stepped out. I didn’t want to disturb Ivy. As I stepped out, someone else was about stepping in and we collided. Well our shoulders did.

My purse fell to the floor and I bent to pick it without looking at the person I bumped into.

“I’m sorry” I uttered to the person still trying to reach my purse without waking Ivy. I finally got it and placed it back on my shoulder. I looked up but found nobody and the elevator gone.

“Well at least she didn’t complain” I murmured as I exited the building and waited for Jerry – the valet – to bring my car.

I placed Ivy securely in the back in her seat. I thanked Jerry and got into the car and drove off.

Ceaser’s POV

I waited for the elevator and then let those ladies out of the elevator. Then I moved to go into it but then bumped into someone. Well technically, she bumped into me. I was already on edge cause of the wait and this lady had to make me more pissed by not watching where she was going. I was about giving her a piece of my mind when she bent to pick her purse but then the sleeping child she had in her arms caught my attention.

She had brown hair just like the woman carrying her. It wasn’t the same shade though. She was so adorable. I hated children but something about this child right here just made me melt at sight. I would have assessed her longer but the elevator was closing and I had to get in quick. Then I got into the elevator before it closed shut but not before I heard the lady carrying the child say “I’m sorry”.

Her voice was soft and low. Maybe she didn’t want to wake the child.

I finally made it to the top floor. The elevator dinged open and I got out. I walked into the lobby and spotted a lady. Probably his assistant or secretary. She was pretty with her blonde hair in a rough bun.

She saw me approaching and quickly got up

“Mr…Mr. Thompson” she stuttered, clearly shocked that I was here.

I’ve never had any dealing with Freddie and Co. So I’ve never contacted them for any reason. But now I wanted to make a proposal which he has to accept.

“Mr. Stroma around?” I asked her.

“Y-yes sir” she nodded “Let me inform him of your presence”.

I waited.

She beeped him “Sir, Mr. Thompson is here to see you”.

“Mr. Thompson?” He sounded surprised.

Why wouldn’t he? I don’t blame him.

“Hm, let him in” he said.

“Yes sir” she said then smiled at me “Go right in Mr Thompson” she smiled seductively, flirting with me.

I smiled at her and made my way into Freddie Stroma’s office. He got up when I entered.

“Mr. Thompson” he called as he stood up. “What a surprise”.

I walked towards his desk

“Definitely is”.

“Have a seat” he said.

I sat down.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asked.

“I’m here for business Mr. Stroma” I said, now in my business like mood.

He looked confused “I don’t see how we can help you with that Mr Thompson. We’re not in the same line of work”.

“I know. But still, I have a proposal for you” I told him.

He clenched his jaw

“Let’s hear it” he said.

“I know Freddie and Co. has gone bankrupt and you need people to invest to help you out. I’d like to invest, but I’d love it more if you’re looking for a buyer.” I paused “So, name your price”.

“I’m getting lost here” he leaned forward and rested his elbow on the table. “You’re saying you want to buy the company”.

“That’s right Mr. Stroma” I also leaned forward.

“Why would you suddenly want to divert to my line of business. You own construction companies around the world and you want to buy my publishing company. Can I ask why?”

“Personal reasons” I said “So, what’s the price?”.

He sighed “I don’t think we’re ready to sell Mr. Thompson”.

“Your company has gone bankrupt and you still need investors but you don’t want to sell” I stated.

“Its not my call…”

“Of course it is. You’ll just have to pay back your investors to get the upper hand.” I paused “Mr Stroma, I’m willing to buy this company and pay your investors back, just name your price”.

He looked surprised, shocked and happy.

He smiled “We have a deal Mr Thompson” he stood up and stretched his hand.

I got up, buttoned my suit and shook his hand. I smiled at him and nodded

“I’ll have my lawyer draw up a contract and have it delivered to you. I want to end this as quickly as possible”.

He sighed “Your reason must be very important”.

“It is” I said and left.

I called my lawyer and told him to draw up a contract and have it delivered to Mr Stroma today. I wanted to end all tides by tomorrow.

Jules’ POV

The week went by in a blur. It was fun cause of lunch time but everything else was the same. Yesterday we were informed by the manager that we have a new CEO. Hopefully he won’t do anything irrational like fire people. Anyway he wasn’t around to give a speech.

Well today’s over and I’m finally going home and not coming back till Monday. I made my way to the ground floor.

Jerry told me my car won’t start so I went to the garage to start the darned car but it didn’t start. I finally gave up and picked Ivy from the backseat, took my bag and got out. I was on my way out of the garage when a car honked beside me.

The glass rolled down and I saw a god inside. I swallowed inaudibly at the sight of him. He was so…

“Need a ride?” He asked and my heart melted at his voice.

How could anyone be so hot. My heart did a double take.

Ceaser’s POV

I didn’t want to go for the stupid welcoming yesterday. So I stayed in my new office which I just had redesigned and redecorated. I finally decided to go home. I was leaving the whole Jules Jenna situation for next week.

I took the elevator straight to the underground floor. The garage. I drove today. Patrick had some important family business to deal with.

I got into my car and drove out of my spot. I was almost exiting the garage when I noticed a familiar figure walking out of the garage with that adorable baby in her arms. I stopped directly beside her and wound down. She looked at the glass and my breath caught. I didn’t see her face the other day at the elevator but now…damn!

I was in trouble.

“Need a ride?” I asked her instead of just staring at her.

She just looked at me. Like she was assessing me.

‘Uhmm,…” she wasn’t sure.

Who the heck is never sure to get into my ride with me? When ladies will nothing but beg to get in a ride with me. What was her deal?

“…I could walk” she said.

“With that child in your arms?” I asked her. Why was I pushing her. I could just speed off and never look back. I was asking for trouble…and I was gonna get it.

She was gonna say something else but she thought about it for a second and she sighed. She opened the door and gently got in, placing her hand on the child’s head trying to prevent her from hitting her head on the hood of the car.

I smiled at the gesture, she was caring and considerate. She shut the door and placed the sleeping baby on her lap with her arms supporting her head. Then she looked at me.

I smiled a little trying not to look like a douche. Then I drove out of the garage.

“Where to?” I asked…

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Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy; Chapter 1

Jules’ POV

Eleven months later.

I opened the door to her room and it’s like she knew I was coming.

“Momma” she was up in her cot smiling at me as I walked in. Her arms were stretched out to me.

My heart leaps for joy every time she calls me that. She just started speaking a few weeks ago and ‘Momma’ was the first word that came out of her mouth. I was so happy and proud of her.

I walked towards her cot and picked her up.

“Happy Birthday Ivy” I said to her “You’re a year today”.

She giggled like she understood what I said.

Ivy was the child I adopted. She was a month old that time. Apparently her biological mother kept her a secret from her biological father. Well, that’s what the nurses said but no one knows what really happened.

That’s in the past. Now, Ivy belongs to me. I love her more every single day and I wouldn’t stop loving her cause she’s just so darn cute. She’s got a dimple on her left cheek, probably hereditary.

Today is her day. I’m gonna make it special for her.

At the same time somewhere else…

Ceaser’s POV

What was taking him so long?

I wondered.

Bea’s attorney asked to see me today. I have no idea why. Two months ago I’d expected him to call me when I became a widower but he didn’t, and today of all days, he asked to see me.

“Sir, Mr. Smith is here” my assistant’s voice blared out of the phone.

“Let him in Claire” I said.

My assistant opened the door and Jack Smith followed behind. I stood up as he made his way towards my desk. I stretched my hand.

“Jack” I said as he took my hand.

“Thank you for taking the time to see me” he said.

“No problem. Have your seat” I said.

I sat after he did.

“I was surprised when you called to set up a meeting” I told him honestly.

“Well it is very important” he said.

“Why today?” I asked him.

“That is for you to find out” he said. He opened his briefcase and brought out an envelope.

He looked at me while adjusting his glasses.

“Your late wife Mrs Beatrice Thompson specifically told me to give this to you today. The twenty-fifth January. She said I wasn’t suppose to give you a day earlier or later.” He said.

I wondered why.

My brows knitted as I stretched to take the envelope. I stared at the envelope in my hand.

“You don’t happen to know why?” I asked.

“Not a clue. My job is to deliver and not find out”.

I nodded.

“I’ll take my leave” he picked up his briefcase and got up.

I got up as well and shook his hand.

“Thank you Jack” I said.

“Just doing my job Mr. Thompson” he said and left.

My gaze shifted from the closed door to the envelope on my desk. I finally sat down after a couple of minutes. I picked the envelope and tore it open.

I had to satisfy my curiosity, but I was also scared of what I might find inside.

I pulled out a piece of neatly folded paper and placed the envelope on the desk. I slowly unfolded the paper.

It had to be now or never.

I sighed when I noticed Bea’s writing on the paper.

Dear Ceaser,

If you’re reading this letter then I’m no longer with you. Even though there was no love in our arranged marriage I still cared about you. You know that right?

Yeah, you had a really weird way of showing it. I thought

I’m very sorry for what you’re about to find out. But know that it is the truth and I kept it away from you for selfish reasons.

Two weeks before I told you I was going to see my mum, I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t know how to tell you or what your reaction would be like.

What the heck? You could have simply said “Ceaser we’re having a baby” I thought. I sighed and continued.

I didn’t know if you wanted a child…

Of course I did.

…or if you were ready for one. So I lied and ran away. I carried the child and hid in a place where I knew you’d never think of looking for me.

I finally gave birth to a baby girl, my princess, our princess. You found me on the twenty-sixth of February, a month after I had given birth. When you found me, I was back to my old self, so you didn’t notice my excess weight. You couldn’t tell I just had a child. No one could.

I’ve kept this secret since then and I knew I’d have to tell you someday. But now that I have cancer, I fear I might not be able to tell you in person.

She probably wrote this later when we found out she had cancer, that was middle of September – seven months after we found her. She died one month later which was two months ago.

I decided to write a letter to you because I didn’t want to spend my last days with you hating me.

We have a child Ceaser, and she’s soo beautiful. I just have one month left. The reason I told Jack to give this letter to you today is because our princess is one today.

I hope you forgive me for not telling you sooner. I wish I had. We could’ve been with her together. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me Ceaser. Please…


I sighed heavily. I was in shock. No! Shock was an under-understatement.

This just blew me like a bomb.

Why the heck did she do this to me, to our child…to us?

Well its done. I can’t change anything. All I can do is look for my daughter, by all means.

I picked up my phone from the table and dialled John. He answered on the third ring.

“I need you to look for someone for me John” I told him.

“Do you have a clue to where he or she might be?” He asked.

“No” I said.

“Any family or relative?” He asked.

“I’m the only family she has” I said.

“Ok” he sighed “Hmmm, do you have anything that can give me a lead?”

“The only lead died two months ago” I said in frustration.

“Okay. So what do you know about this girl…or woman?” He asked clearly hopeless.

“Today’s her first birthday…and she’s my daughter”.



Jules’ POV

The only thing I now hated work for was cause I had to leave Ivy in the children’s department of the building. I wanted her to be with me all the time, but I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. I thought as I rode the elevator up with Ivy in my hands. The elevator dinged open then I got out and walked into the lobby.

“Where’s Miranda?” I asked Sofia – Miranda’s assistant

“With the other kids” she said, then she noticed Ivy “Is that her?” She asked

I smiled and nodded.

Her face softened, she had this she’s-soo-adorable look on her face.

“She’s soo cute”.

“I know. I haven’t gotten over it too” I told her.

“Can I hold her?” She asked.

I gave Ivy to Sofia who went willingly smiling adorably at Sofia. I left them in search of Miranda.

Miranda and Sofia are my friends. They knew about the adoption and everything else. They were kinda they ones who pushed me into adopting. So they’re like godmothers to Ivy and they run the daycare. That’s just what makes it easier for me to leave Ivy here. Knowing that Miranda and Sofia will be here with her.

I saw Miranda with other kids. She looked so happy. Miranda loves children but when we tell her to have hers, she just freaks out.

“Jules” she called when she saw me “Where is she?”

“With Sofia” I said and before I knew it, she ran to where Sofia and Ivy were. I followed.

“…so adorable” I heard her say “Hi Ivy” she was talking like a cartoon character “I’m your godmother. Miranda”.

Ivy smiled “Miwanda”.

“Ah, she said my name” Miranda screeched.

“Okay. I’m gonna leave you guys. I’ll be back during lunch break” I said. I went to kiss Ivy “Bye pretty. Momma will see you later.”

“Momma” she said like she was still surprised she had a mum. I left Ivy with my friends still drooling over her.

I got into the elevator and punched the number to my floor. I sighed. First day at work with Ivy. I hope it goes well.

Ceaser’s POV

I was beginning to get impatient. I haven’t been able to focus since the day I found out I had a daughter.

What if she was out there suffering?

I hadn’t heard from John since then. I wondered if he had found anything on my daughter. I sighed.

“Sir? Mr. Lobos is here to see you” Claire’s voice filled my office.

“Let him in” I said.

“Yes sir” she said.

John walked into my office few seconds later.

“John” I got up when he entered “Tell me you have something. You’ve kept me waiting for a week”

“Actually, I have enough” he sat down.

“Okay. Good” I sighed inwardly.

“Okay. So I asked around and your late wife gave her up for adoption and almost a year ago she was adopted by a woman named Jules Jenna. 25 years old, works at ‘Freddie and Co.’ Lives alone, parents…”

“That’s all I need to know John. Do you have her address?” I said.

“Of course” he said and wrote it down. “Sir what exactly do you plan on doing?”

“I’ll go to her house and demand for my child” I said bluntly.

“I don’t think you should do that. She has full right and custody of the child. Even if you were the child’s biological father it wouldn’t matter in court if you press charges which is where this case might end up. And she’ll definitely win the case over and over again.”

I thought about it for a while.

“So I should play it cool”.

He nodded.


And just like that, the perfect plan hit me.

I was gonna get close to her. I’ll gain her trust, get my child and end everything with her.

It’s as easy as that.

I smiled inwardly.

This is gonna be fun…

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Jane Catherine Lanett is a first year engineering student in SHUATS, Allahabad. She dreams and makes up stories of hot American/British/Greek/Italian guys.

She is a music and book lover. Reader and Writer. Singer/Songwriter.

She wrote her first book when she was 8 years old. “The Beginning of The End” is the third book she’s written but the first one she published on wattpad.

Her books are based solely on her ideas and imaginations.

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Her Adopted Baby’s Daddy: Prologue


Ceaser’s POV

I paced back and forth my office. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was all by God’s grace that I haven’t had an heart attack.

I’ve been married to Beatrice for a year and a half, and just ten months ago she disappeared into thin air. She had been behaving weird just a few days before she disappeared and now, no one knows where she is.

I combed my fingers through my hair and sighed heavily.

The private investigators I hired have been on this case for months now. All she said before she disappeared was that she was gonna stay with her mum for a few months.

I wondered why but I never questioned her. But knowing Bea, she had her reasons and she had crazy ways of doing the things she had to do in order to get them done. So, I let her leave. No questions asked.

Two months later, I hadn’t heard a single thing from Bea. I called her mum – Mary – who said she hadn’t seen Bea since we got married. That was eight months ago and up till now, we haven’t found Bea.

My phone rang.

“Yeah?” I said

“We’ve found her Mr. Thompson” Tom – my private investigator – said

I sighed with relief.

Jules’ POV

I struggled with the door as I tried to keep the groceries from falling onto the ground. I finally got the door open after a few attempts. I used my leg to kick it open as I entered, and I kicked it shut. I walked briskly but carefully through my medium-sized-all-white palour into the kitchen. I finally made it into the kitchen and I dumped everything on the kitchen counter. Then I began sorting them out.

Today’s the day.

I thought as a smile made its way to my lips. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Today’s the day I get to meet her. Since my parents died six months ago, I tried to drown myself into my work to prevent myself from breaking down.

But two months ago, I realised it wasn’t right and my parents wouldn’t want that for me. So I made the best decision ever, to adopt a child, cause relationships never ended well for me. My first and last relationship of two years ended tragically which put me – permanently – in the single ladies section of the population. It took me a very long time to get over catching my boyfriend -at that time – cheating on me. With my roommate. In my bed. On my birthday.

Yeah. Taa-daa! Happy Birthday Jules.

I swore off men since then, they just bring havoc into my peaceful life. Relationships are complications.

Been there, done that.

My phone rang.

“Hello?” I said

“Hello. Is this Ms. Jules Jenna?” The person asked formally

“Yes. Who’s asking?”

“I’m calling from the orphanage about…” I was so excited.


“Well your papers just arrived and it has been approved. So all you need to do is come over anytime to sign it. Then you’ll officially and legally become a mother”

I grinned from ear to ear.

My heart bubbled with joy.

“I’m on my way” I hung up immediately.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I picked up the keys to my convertible and ran out the door.

After six weeks of searching for the perfect child, going to court and filling documents, getting an attorney, baby proofing the house, buying a baby cot and many other things.

This was it.

I was finally going to be a mother.

Her mother.

I got into my car and drove off to the orphanage to pick up my daughter.

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Jane Catherine Lanett is a first year engineering student in SHUATS, Allahabad. She dreams and makes up stories of hot American/British/Greek/Italian guys.

She is a music and book lover. Reader and Writer. Singer/Songwriter.

She wrote her first book when she was 8 years old. “The Beginning of The End” is the third book she’s written but the first one she published on wattpad.

Her books are based solely on her ideas and imaginations.

Hook up with her on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Smule: @JaneLanett

Twitter: @JaneCLanett